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Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, Music for Relief continues to help via Power the World

Photo: Music for Relief

It’s been two years since the devastating Haiti earthquake killed 316,000 people, laying waste to a country already suffering from extreme poverty and environmental degradation. The crisis in Haiti continues today. Since the earthquake, Haitians have endured hurricanes, flooding, and a cholera outbreak. Adding to the chaos, a staggering 8 million people live without access to grid electricity, meaning families spend 12 hours every night in complete darkness.

With your help, Music for Relief responded to send aid to Haiti immediately following the disaster in 2010, and our response continued in 2011. All proceeds supported the extraordinary work of our partner organizations on the ground as they delivered food, clean water, medical care, education and tackled the challenges of long-term recovery.
Funds raised through Download to Donate also supported the installation of environmentally friendly LED solar streetlights to protect women and children from violence when walking in the camps at night. Continue reading Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, Music for Relief continues to help via Power the World

“Power the World” Week – Issue #2: The Rape Epidemic or Hard Lessons for US Midwife in Haiti

Nursing and midwifery students crowd around to observe as midwives help a woman deliver a baby. (Photo: Jenny Asarnow)

Erin Curtiss is a midwife in Seattle. She is 34 years old, has sharp blue eyes and a raunchy sense of humor. She lives with her two young sons and her girlfriend.

Erin, who runs her own home birth business, recently learned of an American nonprofit organization called Midwives for Haiti. She found it on Facebook.

She traveled to a little city called Hinche, in Haiti’s Central Plateau. She came to volunteer at the public hospital, where patients are crammed into long rooms with no electricity, and where the windows and doors are open to the air – and the mosquitoes and flies and lizards that come through.
Back home, Erin only deals with uncomplicated pregnancies, but here, women have extremely high blood pressure, anemia, even cholera. These are the sickest patients she has ever seen, and the hospital staff doesn’t seem to have enough time for anyone.
Erin came here mostly to train midwives, but now that she sees how much needs to get done, she wants to do more. So she makes a generous offer. She’ll work the night shift, when there are fewer midwives on staff.
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Join the “Power The World” Twitter Flash Mob!

The United Nations announced this week that they would team up with Linkin Park to provide electricity to the 2.6 billion people that have no or only limited access to electricity. In order to heat their homes, cook for their children etc. many of them have to use dung, kerosene, petroleum and other substances which may present a health risk.
One of the aims of the new “Power the World” campaign is to raise awareness. You might have noticed that I’ve started a series of articles all dealing with this issue during my “Power the World” week.
Another way to reach this aim is, of course, to get #PowertheWorld trending on Twitter. As this is most successful if many people tweet this at the same time, I’ve decided to organize a little flash mob!

Date and Time:

The flash mob starts tomorrow (Saturday, November 12) at:

11am (CST) USA
12am (EST) USA
5pm (GMT) UK
6pm (CET/MEZ) Central Europe (Germany)
7pm (EET) (Greece)
2am (JST) (Sunday: Japan)
4am (AEDT)(Sunday: Australia)

1. I couldn’t include every single country in this list, but I guess the list is an orientation, so that you can calculate the time for yourself
2. I know that the time is quite late/early for Japan and Australia, but firstly, this time includes the most countries, and secondly, we count on you to join us as soon as you’ve woken up.
3. Please share this information on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LPN, the Linkin Park fansites (LPL, LPT, LPA, MSC, LL, CBN, etc.)

What to do:
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