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Simply the Best of 2011 Part II

Best Art Shows & Art Events:

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Simply the Best of 2011 Part I

Like last year, I’ve asked you guys for your Top 5 of 2011 lists, Person of the year, etc. and the response I got was incredible! Thanks for tweeting me your lists! I know this post is really huge, but read through all of it, cause I managed to get a few respones from some known artists, so you might spot a familiar name.
I’ve also collected some lists from magazines that weren’t directly tweeted to me.

As Twitter is too slow to manage this post of awesomeness, I had to seperate it into two parts. Go here for Part II.

Also I wanted to thank my e-mail subscribers! It’s great that my emails don’t annoy you and you’re still sticking with me! Props to you!

Another big thanks goes to my dear Antigoni who has always supported me throughout the year. Have a great 2012! Adie ❤ you! 😀

To all my readers: Happy New Year!

Person of the Year:

Ryan Shuck (Julien K)

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Your Top 5 of 2010


Are you tired of disagreeing with all those weird Top 5/10/20 of 2010 lists? No matter if it’s about music, film, art, books, somehow I never agree with those lists. So now I want you to tell me all about your Top 5! You can choose any topic you want. Your Top 5 memories, Top 5 books, Top 5 music videos, Top 5 Christmas presents, Top 5 artists, Top 5 video games, Top 5 exhibitions, Top 5 celebrity couples, Top 5 singles…… I think you get what I mean now. So go ahead! Either hit the comment button, or contact me via Twitter @adiek84 I will add those to the blog then, so come and visit this post now and then as I will continue to update it.
On December 31st I will then post my Top 5 here!
I can’t wait to read all your submissions!

Yay, first submissions on Twitter! Please follow those people, they seem to have good taste!
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