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Hayley Williams reveals band are readying new track ‘Renegade’ for release

Hayley from Paramore announced on her blog that the band will release three new tracks this year:

Hey you guyyyys,
We’re stoked everyone has been loving the videos from our short run on the Warped tour this summer. We noticed a lot of you asking about the intro music and where it was from and we are happy to tell you it’s a new song entitled “Renegade”!
Back in March, we recorded a handful of songs (including “Monster”) with Rob Cavallo which we promised we’d get to you this year. “Renegade” is the first song of the three that are left to be released.

Keep your eyes on Paramore.net an we’ll keep you updated on the songs!

beware of you.

Linkin Park Or Paramore For Transformers 3? Listen To Both Songs And Vote For Your Favourite!

Even though the lead single for the third part of the Tranformers Series will be “Iridescent” by Linkin Park, Paramore have just announced that they will also release a new single for the Tranformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack on June 7. Which single do you prefer, Linkin Park’s “Iridescent” or Paramore’s “Monster”? Listen to the songs (unfortunately Paramore have only released a clip) and vote for your favourite song!

Buy Iridescent on iTunes.

Horror Show: Kanye West Releases Monster Video Preview (via NewsFeed)

Now we know where the "twisted" in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy comes from.  Kanye West has released a sneak peak for his video for "Monster," which features Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj and it's a 30-second glimpse into pure creepiness. (See pictures of Kanye West.) As short as West's previous video, "Runaway," was long, the clip has it all in the horror department. Floating skulls? Check. Demonic zombie-esque figure? Check. C … Read More

via NewsFeed