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Former Child Sex Slave Tells Her Story

Look Beneath The Surface

CINCINNATI — Nearly 3,000 Ohio children are at risk for sex trafficking, and more than 1,000 children in the state are trafficked into the sex trade every year, according to the attorney general’s 2010 year-end report on human trafficking.

One victim of sex trafficking, “Sarah,” as she asked to be identified, sat down with News 5’s Stephanie Stone to tell her story. Sarah admits her story is unbelievable and disturbing. She agreed to go on camera hoping to save just one more person from the horrors of human trafficking.

“People have to know that this stuff does go on. Horrible, horrible, horrible things happen to children,” she said. Continue reading Former Child Sex Slave Tells Her Story

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day


Yesterday was the National Human Trafficking Awareness day! The Polaris Project is a wonderful organisation that fights Human Trafficking. Please visit their website HERE and support the project! Yesterday they posted this on their blog:

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness day in the United States. Established through a resolution passed by the U.S. Senate two years ago, January 11 is dedicated to raising awareness of and opposition to human trafficking.

Raising awareness is a crucial first step, but alone it is not enough. Knowledge without action is information wasted. It isn’t enough to be merely aware. Armed with information, we should act.

Here are three things that you can do right now to help fight human trafficking:

1) Sign up to become a member of our grassroots network. We send out information about ways that you can take action in your local community. Whether it’s advocating for legislation or learning more about current human trafficking trends, we strive to equip our supporters with the knowledge they need to help us create a world without slavery.

2) Learn the signs of human trafficking. With this knowledge you can be our eyes and ears on the street. Many human trafficking victims do not self identify as victims or are not aware that help is available. By calling the NHTRC hotline – and encouraging others to do so – you can provide crucial information about a potential case of human trafficking and as a result, more victims will receive much-needed help. Put the hotline in your cell phone today! 1-888-3737-888.

3) Follow our daily #ActivistTip tag on twitter. Each day at 9 a.m. we post a daily tip on how community members can take action in their own backyards to fight human trafficking. Follow us on twitter and catch our daily scoop.

Watch the video below and hear from Polaris Project staff members about what shocked them when they first learned of human trafficking and some ideas of how you can help us end it!


Modern Day Slavery: A Woman. A Prostitute. A Slave.

November 27, 2010
New York Times

Americans tend to associate “modern slavery” with illiterate girls in India or Cambodia. Yet there I was the other day, interviewing a college graduate who says she spent three years terrorized by pimps in a brothel in Midtown Manhattan.

Those who think that commercial sex in this country is invariably voluntary — and especially men who pay for sex — should listen to her story. The men buying her services all mistakenly assumed that she was working of her own volition, she says.

Continue reading Modern Day Slavery: A Woman. A Prostitute. A Slave.