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Fan Review: Rock im Park By RaydenLP6

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Rock im Park
– about little heart attacks and almost dying from too much awesomeness

Hey lovely readers, I’m going to tell you about my super awesome experience at the Rock im Park Festival, Nuremberg – Germany.

How it began/Thursday, 31st June:

Everything began as the bands for Rock im Park were announced. Linkin Park was one band of many. And I just had to go, because hey Linkin Park! I just HAD TO GO! So I thought: ‘Okay, when I’m going then for real’, so I bought myself a 3-days-ticket.

A good friend of mine was with me and we arrived on Thursday evening in about half an hour. (Yep, very cool to live just 20 kilometers away from Nuremberg another reason why I had to go.^^ )
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Fan Review: Rock am Ring By BlackChester

Wait. What am I doing here? Oh right… a blog, review, whatever… but for what? Rock am Ring 2012 I guess. So, where do I start?
I think I should start with the camp and the arrival. So, I was supposed to meet up with a friend near the Nürburgring. Well, he was a bit late, but when he finally arrived at the meeting point we got to the campgrounds at Rock am Ring pretty fast to get our wristbands.
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Attend the Official LIVING THINGS Twitter Listening Party with Mike Shinoda

Time and Date:

June 26, 1pm PST (9pm London, 10pm Berlin, 5am Tokyo, 6am Sydney, 5pm Rio de Janeiro).

Facebook Event Page:

UPDATE: I have created a Facebook event for the Twitter Party! Click here to join!


– Hit PLAY right at 1pm PST and live tweet your thoughts etc. about the songs.

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #LIVINGTHINGS to your tweets.

Mike is also participating!

– Spread the word! You can post the flyer above to your Facebook profiles, LPU blogs, on Twitter etc.

Take a picture of your LIVING THINGS CD and a sheet of paper that says: “I’ll be attending the official LIVING THINGS Twitter Listening Party!” and your Twitter name. Post the picture on the Facebook Event Page!

Like this:

Photo: Jenny Pi

Flyer created by I am Robot!

Fan Review: Berlin, Admiralspalast 06/05/12 (Telekom Street Gigs) By @lpfan1989

I´m happy, that I´m writing a review for AdieK84´s Blog, again :-).

We drove to Berlin at 1:30PM MET, arrived at 5:30PM MET. For Info: my best friend went with me to the concert.
After we had arrived, we went to the waiting area of the venue and I met a few friends, that I know through the internet and of course Adam from LPUHQ. At 6:30PM MET the entry to the venue opened.
My best friend and I were the first persons to enter and we got the passes for the show. Continue reading Fan Review: Berlin, Admiralspalast 06/05/12 (Telekom Street Gigs) By @lpfan1989

Nora’s Beauty Diary About Linkin Park…no, you didn’t read that wrong

Nora with Mike | Photo: Nora Garmann

I know that the blog is dangerously close to reaching a Linkin PArk overload (especially with a second fan review coming up), but I still needed to take the comedic opportunity and post this. So Nora was at Rock am Ring and met Linkin Park there…the perfect opportunity to write her Beauty Diary about them! Aside from the fact that this is a beauty blog about Linkin Park, it’s surprising that there isn’t any real info about style or beauty, just some general statements. Still, it’s a positive article and we don’t wanna be too harsh (also the pics are cool). Here we go:

One could argue that “Linkin Park” or “Rock am Ring” really doesn’t have anything to do with a beauty blog; I beg to differ; it all depends on your definition on “Beauty” as such. Following and experience this amazing band on stage, watching tousends of people knowing the lyrics by heart singing along, waiving their hands; I would say that is a beautiful sight! A beauty full of cheer joy! A moment where you just live. Take in all around you, let your mind travel or simply enjoy the stillness inside, letting your senses just take it in. Its a moment of no consequence, its a moment of impressions, its a beautiful moment, and today its all about Linkin Park. Looking around with fashion in mind, the term is slightly widely interperated here in Nürnbergring, its all about rock`n`roll, and fashion don`t have the shotgun seat. But that rock`n`roll is a topic inspiring designers on and off for decades, that is a fact. Its a theme that keeps inspiring and it is always represented on the runway one way or the other. We have also let us being inspired by the the trend, and will share the amazing photo-shooting with Shan Rahimkhan and Nela König next week;-)

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Nora with Chester |Photo: Nora Garmann

Fan Review: Rock im Park By SuruDenise

Dear diary, uh excuse me, dear reader: I’ll tell you a story about the most amazing weekend EVER!
After a three hour train ride on friday morning with a good friend of mine, we finally made it to our first festival ever!
I’ve been to some concerts before but festivals are really something totally different.
We had Centerstage-Camping-Tickets which means that our campground was close to the main stage where the headline shows take place. We were pretty late and our campground was already full but the (VERY friendly) security helped us to find a nice spot for our tent. And it was perfect, really! Continue reading Fan Review: Rock im Park By SuruDenise

Fan Review: Rock am Ring (Linkin Park), 06/01/2012 by Jennifer Klein

After four sleepless nights, it has finally come!!! LINKIN PARK; ROCK AM RING!!! Here we come =)
My second LP concert and my first Meet+Greet. I´m so nervous.

We left the campsite at 5pm to see some bands before the Meet+Greet. We went to the Centerstage and saw Cypress Hill, Kasabian (They look so great) and Gossip (Damn, Beth Ditto is so crazy and she got an awesome voice!). Gossip played until 9pm and because the M+G was at 9:30pm we went to the venue. Slowly it was full of people. Sure, LP is playing tonight!! ^^
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