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My MTV VMA 2012 Picks

M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” is one of my favorite videos this year!

The nominees of the MTV Video Music Awards were released yesterday and of course I have to share my picks with you (underlined)! You can vote HERE until August 24!

Video of the Year
Katy Perry, “Wide Awake”
Gotye, “Somebody That I Used To Know”
Rihanna, “We Found Love”
Drake feat. Rihanna, “Take Care”
M.I.A., “Bad Girls”
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Music Mouth

Although Lana Del Rey has an ethnocentric view on life, behind the masquerade lye Lizzy Grant. An assured, shy personal, who’s created a product delivering a musically tuned thorn in the side to pop. ‘Born To Die’ hasn’t only cut a diversion between critics, but also offered the same diversion to individual flare. 

It’s quite amazing how a change in image can act on a person. As we look back at shoebox images of Lana as Lizzy Grant, we see a far less accomplished soul, one that has an extremely average aura. Now, she expresses an entirely different domina. A far more secluded, shy, angelic and mysterious woman with an eccentric efflorescence has been bought to life. This is where the questions of genuineness educe. But with the arrival of her first LP, Del Rey has done everything possible to avoid throwing caution to the wind. Expressing that whatever she may be underneath, the music should be the first cause for…

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Great Article: Deconstructing Lana Del Rey

I just found this article on Spin.com about Lana Del Rey and the endless discussions about her authenticity. Make sure to read the whole article. because this is so true!

Everyone has something to say about the year’s most divisive new artist. But separating myth from fact means untangling a knot that also happens to encapsulate the weird state of pop stardom in 2012.

I. The Origin Story: A Star Is Born/Made
The myth, as it is presently understood: Lana Del Rey is an extended vanity project bankrolled by her dad’s money and honed, over the years, by a series of lawyers and managers who have shaped her image and plotted her career path. She is merely a canvas of a girl, and a willing one at that. Bloggers and journalists take pains to note that her real name is Lizzy Grant, that Lana Del Rey is “fake,” as are her lips. (“Lizzy Grant” sounds like a Disney tween star; it’s easy to see why she changed it. Certainly no one was this incensed to discover that “Lady Gaga” is not printed on a certain singer’s birth certificate.)
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Lana Del Rey – Video Games @ Letterman

After the Saturday Night Live desaster, Lana Del Rey performed really good on Letterman. I feel like she changed the way how she sings the song a bit, which used to be a bit over the top. She probably listened to Mike Shinoda’s new years resolution “Less is more” and I love it!