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2012 Linkin Park World Tour Engages WeatherOps to Provide Event-Specific Meteorological Services

The stage at the Indiana State Fair on August 14, 2011 was hit by a high-velocity wind gust in front of a severe thunderstorm, causing it to collapse. Seven people were killed and 43 others were injured.

The 2012 Linkin Park World Tour, has engaged the services of Weather Decision Technologies®, Inc. (WDT), an Event Safety Alliance corporate sponsor, to provide event-specific meteorological data under its event venue safety model, WeatherOps. As an outsourced expert weather team designed to safeguard attendees, assets and artists, WeatherOps utilizes proprietary data assimilation and forecast generation to steer venue and production management during times of adverse weather.

The band’s tour begins May 18th to celebrate the release of their much anticipated new album, “Living Things.” During this tour, Linkin Park outdoor venues worldwide will be closely monitored for extraordinary weather events, employing WeatherOps exclusive color-coded system by which decisions regarding tour events, in relation to weather, will be made. In addition to adverse weather, production crews will receive daily updates regarding the forecast in the next tour stop, up to 7 days in advance.

“It’s our belief that this technology will help to protect our artists, their fans and those involved with the safe execution of our shows,” said Jim Digby, Linkin Park World Tour Manager. “Instant access to a Meteorologist who is in tune with our specific event, date, and time proves invaluable from a protection and a financial standpoint,” said Digby. Continue reading 2012 Linkin Park World Tour Engages WeatherOps to Provide Event-Specific Meteorological Services

Linkin Park and The Event Safety Alliance

Linkin Park joined “The Event Safety Alliance, which is a really great organisation! There have been so many tragedies during festivals and concerts lately (just think about the Loveparade in Germany where over 20 people died), it’s great that there are people who care about the fans’ safety during such events.

Here’s the official press release:

Internationally acclaimed recording artists Linkin Park and Phish are proud to announce that they have adopted the “Addendum for Structural Safety” in their contracts.

One of the stated goals of the Event Safety Alliance is to encourage all artists to adopt clear and concise language in their contracts with regard to safety guidelines and event action plans. The intended result is that all involved in the production of a live event have reference materials available to them that will guide decisions during different circumstances and conditions that develop during the course of these events.

These two high profile artists are the first in what will hopefully become a very long list of artists who use language in their contracts to advance the culture of public safety and welfare at live events in both the United States and worldwide.

More info at eventsafetyalliance.org