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Prime and Estria: Na’au Pono Interview

Photography: Aaron Yoshino

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. Some are decked out in skin tight spandex suits while others have the uncanny ability to hit home runs. Along the spectrum, there are also those that defy social injustice by sitting at the front of buses and those that do forbidden art in the face of an oppressive government. In my hometown of Hawaii, there are two figures that have grown to become rallying forces for an art form that has been marginalized by social misconceptions. They are considered heroes in my book and many others that reside on the islands. They are champions for social consciousness and youth education through art. Their names are Prime and Estria.

To shed light on who they individually are as both educators and social change advocates, Prime is considered to be one of the most influential and prolific graffiti writers in Hawaii’s history. His active role towards enlightening the public about Polynesian culture and its diverse history has had a lasting and positive impact on Hawaii’s community. Through his educational initiative called 808 Urban, his work on both the artistic and educational fronts has created environments that advocate for progressive social change while promoting sustainability for low-income communities through self-determination, cultural awareness, and leadership development. While, Estria has been painting murals since 1984. Since his inception in the art form, his work has populated hundreds of walls that dot every corner of the globe. He has been an influential leader during the Golden Age of graffiti during the 80′s and has pioneered painting techniques that are still widely used to this day. Since 1993, he has taught graffiti classes and lectured at universities on graffiti’s social and political impact. Together they are changing the world one wall at a time through the act of graffiti.

We caught up with the artists as they painted a new mural as a prelude to the upcoming POW WOW Hawai’i art event in 2012.

Lets start this interview on a more lighthearted note. How did you two meet?

Prime: We met through a mutual friend who runs the website graffiti.org. I reached out and said that I’m offering free luaus to visiting artists. She mentioned a fellow local artist who was now residing in the Bay area by the name of Estria.

Estria: Her name was Susan Farrell and she started the first graffiti based website. She told me about this guy that gave free luaus to any writers that came to Hawaii. I said that I wanted a free luau! (laughs)

E: A luau is Hawaiian for barbecue.

P: …and beer. (laughs)

Hawaii is considered to be one of the most isolated places on Earth. A grouping of islands smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s American, but also culturally distinct due to its vast Polynesian history and melting pot of immigrant influences. Growing up in the islands creates variables that lead to a unique upbringing. Can you talk to me more about your connection to Hawaii and how it has led to your perspectives on art and life?


TwitArt #4 or When Art Is Hidden In The Timeline

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but I’m really busy with exams at the moment. To give you a special weekend treat, I’ve made another TwitArt Post. Remember to follow all this great people and make sure to actually click the links in the tweets to see all pictures, articles, etc.

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Street Artist and Police in Role Reversal

That was just blogged by Estria:

The Vancouver Police have taken their response to graffiti one step further. They have added their own graffiti-like stencils over the work of street artists. The police’s message, “Steal a bait car go to jail,” was meant to intimidate car thieves. In the cultural loop of subversion-co-optation-subversion, one graffiti artist resorted to the tactics of the censors, covering the police-made images with white paint. The anonymous creation of a blank wall over the police stencil was captured on video and posted online. Incidentally, in the video an angry citizen tries to stop the hooded painter from “defacing” the cop stencil. When that fails, the citizen appears to call the police.

See pictures on Estria’s blog!

Very Special Art Competition!

Takashi Murakami

The Submission Phase is over! Go here to see all submissions!

EDIT: The deadline is soon, so send me your pieces as fast as possible! Also, it’s really funny that I did this competition to celebrate 20,000 hits, and look at the stats now! Over 28,000 hits already!!!

Since I’ve just reached 20.000 hits on this blog, I thought I should do something special. So, let’s do a little art competition! Here are the rules:

– send me ONE picture of your art to adiek84@gmx.net or post a link to it as a comment to this post until March 31.
-> it doesn’t have to be a new picture, you can send me one you already have
-> I need: the title of your artwork (if it has one), your artist name
– On April 1, I will post all the submissions and make a poll, so that the readers can vote for their favourite submission. The poll will be closed on April 30.
– Any art genre can be submitted. It doesn’t matter if you paint, draw, sculpture, etc. Anything is welcome!
– The winner will be featured in the next “Special Art Post” (past posts featured, among others, SABER, Willie T., Estria + KRUSH)

Please spread the word to anyone with artistic ambitions!

TwitART #2

Here we go again! Some gems I’ve found in my “Twitter-Art-List-Timeline” the last days. Make sure to click on the links, because I only post one picture and often there are way more! Oh, and follow all these people if you have a Twitter, because they are awesome and many of them (like Revok, for example) post so much great stuff that it doesn’t all fit into this tiny little blog post! And check out their blogs, subscribe to them etc., you know the deal, it’s called SUPPORT!


Alex Olsen

Opening December 18th, 2010 | Runs December 18th, 2010 – January 8th, 2011

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Special Art Post #4: Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach takes place December 2 – 5, 2010.

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in
the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister event of Switzerland’s Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 41 years,
Art Basel Miami Beach combines an international selection of top galleries with an exciting program of special exhibitions, parties and crossover events featuring music, film, architecture and design. Exhibition sites are located in the city’s beautiful Art Deco District, within walking distance of the beach and many hotels.

An exclusive selection of more than 250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa will exhibit 20th and 21st century artworks by over 2,000 artists. The exhibiting galleries are among the world’s most respected art dealers, offering exceptional pieces by both renowned artists and cutting-edge newcomers. Special exhibition sections feature young galleries, performance art, public art projects and video art. The show will be a vital source for art lovers, allowing them to both discover new developments in contemporary art and experience rare museum-calibre artworks.

Top-quality exhibitions in the museums of South Florida and special programs for art collectors and curators also help make the event a special time for encountering art. And every year, a greater number of art collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art enthusiasts from around the world participate in
Art Basel Miami Beach – the favorite winter meeting place
for the international art world.

We look forward to welcoming you at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010.

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