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Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, Music for Relief continues to help via Power the World

Photo: Music for Relief

It’s been two years since the devastating Haiti earthquake killed 316,000 people, laying waste to a country already suffering from extreme poverty and environmental degradation. The crisis in Haiti continues today. Since the earthquake, Haitians have endured hurricanes, flooding, and a cholera outbreak. Adding to the chaos, a staggering 8 million people live without access to grid electricity, meaning families spend 12 hours every night in complete darkness.

With your help, Music for Relief responded to send aid to Haiti immediately following the disaster in 2010, and our response continued in 2011. All proceeds supported the extraordinary work of our partner organizations on the ground as they delivered food, clean water, medical care, education and tackled the challenges of long-term recovery.
Funds raised through Download to Donate also supported the installation of environmentally friendly LED solar streetlights to protect women and children from violence when walking in the camps at night. Continue reading Two years after the earthquake in Haiti, Music for Relief continues to help via Power the World

Ty Inc. CEO Visits Save the Children Projects in Japan

Ty Warner, President and CEO of Ty Inc. (center, holding Beanie Boo™), visits children at a gakudo, or an after school center, near Sendai, Japan. Mr. Warner hand delivered Beanie Boos™ to children who had been affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Photo: Save The Children
WESTPORT, Conn. (September 12, 2011) — Ty Warner, CEO of toy manufacturing giant Ty Inc. travelled to Sendai, Japan — a city devastated by the March earthquake and tsunami — on a visit hosted by international humanitarian organization Save the Children, to see how children are coping six months after the disaster.

In April, Mr. Warner donated $1 million to Save the Children’s relief efforts in Japan. Following the earthquake, Save the Children set up child friendly spaces in evacuation centers, providing children a chance to unwind and play with their friends in a safe environment and helping them recover from the stress and anxiety of the disaster. Save the Children also provided school materials to more than 3,000 children and supported school cafeterias that fed some 20,000 children.

Save the Children plans to support 65 centers in Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures, offering day care services and after-school activities with financial, material and technical assistance.

Mr. Warner created special Beanie Babies® to help relief efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. While in Sendai, Warner visited two gakudos, or after school centers, where he hand delivered HOPE FOR JAPAN™ Beanie Boos™ to children.

“I was deeply moved by the disaster in Japan and plan to visit the Sendai area to meet the children who have endured so much,” said Mr. Warner ahead of his visit. “While tremendous progress has been made in the Miyagi Prefecture, there is still so much to be done. I hope my visits to the area bring ongoing attention to this critical cause and bring joy to the families who have suffered. I am committed to helping this great nation recover and move forward.”

Save the Children has committed to a five-year plan to help children in affected areas return to normal life, support educational opportunities, restore community ties and promote the participation of children in the reconstruction process.

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Charity / Releases: James Jean x OVM – Lotus War Silk Scarf


James Jean fans may remember the sold out fashion line which he created with Prada, but since then he’s taken a hiatus from fashion world to focus on his fine art career. Good news, James has been working on another project. Here’s a first look at the upcoming collaboration with Japan based company OVM. The first release of the future line with OVM is a gorgeous scarf featuring his signature Lotus War imagery from his show at Martha Otero. The scarf is made of premium hand rolled silk and measures out at 36″ x 36″. It comes in two variations – color or black & white. Each one is limited to 50 pieces and each includes a hand signed and embossed certificate of authenticity.

To do his part to support relief efforts in the tragedy stricken country of Japan, JJ has informed us that he will be donating his entire proceed to the Red Cross relief efforts. Buy yours here now. A detailed look at this beautiful collaboration and a sneak peek at the OVM line after the jump.


Queensland, Australia Floods – HELP

Stranded Kangaroo

Linkin Park Live member Schadowfax1007 just posted this message on LPLive

Hey everyone,

I know I’m not involved with LPL much any more, but I’m still on here twice a day checking updates and the forums.

As you may or may not have heard, we are experiencing some extreme flooding here in Queensland, Australia. There has already been massive loss of life, houses, belongings and other important services. Roads have been destroyed, businesses ruined, cars taken away. Almost every terminal for our water ferries in the city has been ripped away, our city is now as ghost town as all power is off and people evacuated. For anyone familiar with Australia, this is going to get worse than the floods we had in 1974.

I myself spent most of yesterday, helping people evacuate and save there belongings, but no matter what anyone did, we still saw so much lose – houses, property, everything washed away in an instant. Thankfully my home and belongings are currently unaffected, although my family is stranded in different locations. Others haven’t been so lucky.

Things are only going to get worse. With a king tide expected this afternoon, which is predicted to last over 18 hours, waters will riser faster and higher then they have before. Things are expected to get progressively worse all the way into Friday.

I’m reaching out to the LPL community because I know everyone is generous here and when they band together they can achieve anything. If anyone has anything they can spare, even just a few dollars instead of your daily coffee, it would be much appreciated!

You can donate online HERE through our governments website. The link is fully secure and your details are kept private. At the time of posting almost 36 million dollars has been raised, which sounds like a lot but much more is still needed.

You can read more about the flood here or on various other Australian news websites, which are full of reports, photos and videos.

With any luck, maybe even MFR would get involved. Since I don’t have admin rights anymore, can someone please move this onto the front page of LPL so that everyone hears about what we are dealing with.

Thanks everyone!