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I need your feedback: What do you think about the “Fan Reviews”?

When Linkin Park went on their European Summer Tour this year, I started to post fan reviews of LP fans who went to the concerts. Now I want to ask my readers what you thought about this. Were the reviews interesting and should I post them again, when Linkin Park go on their Asia Tour in a few months? Or do you think one or two reviews would’ve been enough instead of posting reviews of almost every show. Maybe you even hated them, because they were boring or because you aren’t a Linkin Park fan. Do you want to read concert reviews of other artists, too? If yes, who? Would you write a review, too? It’s time to give me some feedback so vote now and comment if you want to explain your vote some more.
You have 3 answers, so if you liked the fan reviews, want reviews from other artists, too, and would write one, you can check the 3 boxes.

Read the fan reviews:

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30 Seconds to Mars in Athens

Fan Review: 30 Seconds to Mars in Athens

Review of the 30 Seconds to Mars concert on July 6 in Athens by Evooba

The day had finally come! I was excited to see the band perform live since they are one of my favorite bands but also because they’ve been touring for like 2 years straight now with no breaks and they said they’re going to take a break from touring and writing really soon, so seeing them live was a hell of an opportunity now.
As I was getting ready in the morning, my friend who was coming with me at the concert, called me to tell me that there might be a little problem. At first I didn’t really understand what was happening but short story long, she hurt her leg the previous day and couldn’t walk really well nor stand up for long. I didn’t know how serious the situation was till we got the venue. Continue reading Fan Review: 30 Seconds to Mars in Athens

30 Seconds To Mars hint at post-world tour hiatus

30 Seconds To Mars have hinted that they may go on a lengthy hiatus at the end of their current world tour.

In an interview with MTV News Canada the band jokingly respond to questions about whether they are planning to split, but didn’t deny the suggestion.
Asked about rumours of a break-up drummer Shannon Leto said: “We’ve been touring a long time. I mean, look at us. We’re broken down. We’re tired.” when pressed further about a possible split he added: “No, we’ll probably just take a break for, I don’t know, 10 years.”
The band’s frontman Jared Leto had previously told Kerrang! that he didn’t know if the band would make another album. “When I start a new record you need the time, energy and space to appropriately address it,” he said. “We’re touring probably right until December. We’re talking about it right now, but you never know, there could not be another record.”


Kerrang Awards 2011: Nominees


My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine and Bring Me The Horizon will go head-to-head at the Kerrang! Awards 2011 Fuelled By Relentless Energy Drink in June.

My Chemical Romance lead the charge with five nominations. The New Jersey rockers are in the running for Best Album for Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, Best International Band, Best Video presented by Kerrang! TV for Na Na Na, Best Single presented by Kerrang! Radio for Planetary (GO!), and Best Live (presented by Download) at the star-studded ceremony, which is set to take place at a top-secret location in London on Thursday, June 9. Continue reading Kerrang Awards 2011: Nominees

30 Seconds To Mars: Short Film “Hurricane” Banned From TV

The 20 min. long video for the new single “Hurricane” by 30 Seconds To Mars is apparently too graphic to be broadcasted on TV. Jared Leto posted a letter from the censors on his blog. The description of the video definitely sounds…ummmm…interesting. Here’s Leto’s blog post:

Continue reading 30 Seconds To Mars: Short Film “Hurricane” Banned From TV

Beef Between 30 Seconds To Mars And Linkin Park Reaches Violent Climax!

Jared Leto, singer of the band 30 Seconds To Mars, posted very incriminating pictures of Linkin Park singers Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington on his Blog. Apparently the rivalry between the two successful Rock bands reached its climax when 30 Seconds To Mars won the MTV EMA for Best Rock against Linkin Park and found their hotel room vandalized with a mocking message left by their rivals: Continue reading Beef Between 30 Seconds To Mars And Linkin Park Reaches Violent Climax!

My MTV EMA’s 2010

On Sunday, 7th November, the 2010 MTV EMAs will bring the magic to ‘The Magic Box’ in Madrid. Fresh off of our mind-reeling Cabaret-inspired show in Berlin, we’re now ready to fiesta in Spain’s vibrant capital city and rock the Caja Magica with our signature, unforgettable live performances and award winners chosen by you! Get pumped, get excited and get ready to party. We’re coming for you, Madrid.

Here are my choices. What are yours? Just click the comment button! 🙂

 Best Song: Rihanna – Rude Boy

 Best Live Act: Linkin Park

 Best Pop: Rihanna

 Best New Act: B.o.B.

 Best Female: Rihanna

Best Male: Usher/Kanye

Best Hip Hop: Kanye West

Best Rock: Linkin Park

Best Alternative: Paramore

Best Video: 30 Seconds to Mars

Best Push Act: B.o.B.

Best World Stage Performance – Muse

No Lady Gaga or Katy Perry for me, sorry. I really don’t like Lady Gaga at all, and though I like Katy Perry as an artist, I don’t like her new album that much. Just generic pop, to quote Rihanna. I’m afraid Rihanna might go into the same direction with her new album, but Rated R was one of my most favourite albums released last year, so I had to choose her for Best Song/Female/Pop.

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