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Die Sache mit den Selfies: Leben oder Posen?

Selfies sind mittlerweile ein Teil unserer Social Media Existenz. Wir, bzw. viele von uns (ich auch ;-D) machen sie mittlerweile ständig und überall: vom Wohnzimmer bis zur Konzerthalle. Selfies werden oft als oberflächlich und Exzess der Selbstdarstellung verteufelt, doch nicht alle sind so. Ich persönlich mache gerne Selfies, weil ich es mag mit der Kamera zu spielen, versuche dabei aber auch, mich selbst etwas auf den Arm zu nehmen. Schließlich sind diese Selfies doch auch irgendwie armselig: man hat nichts besseres zu tun, als ein Foto von sich selbst zu machen? Ähm…ja, traurig.

Ein weiterer Aspekt ist die Verfremdung der Bilder. Filter und die Wahl der Perpektive sind noch harmlose Werkzeuge, um sich selbst ins beste Licht zu rücken. Richtig hart wird es, wenn ordentlich retouchiert wird. Ist es nicht furchtbar, wenn man eine Person trifft und merkt, dass sie komplett anders aussieht, als auf ihrem Facebook-Profilbild? Continue reading Die Sache mit den Selfies: Leben oder Posen?

SoundCloud Hopes Its Slick Redesign Will ‘Unmute the Web’

Ljung (left) and Wahlforss demonstrate the new SoundCloud features at the company’s San Francisco office.
Photos: Jon Snyder/Wired

SAN FRANCISCO — SoundCloud, the online music-streaming platform and de facto music label for independent artists trying to share their tunes efficiently, announced a complete redesign of its service Wednesday, in what the Berlin-based company called an attempt to “unmute the web.”

The new version of SoundCloud, which the company called “The Next SoundCloud” and launched in private beta Wednesday, offers four new or improved features to the online music platform. Those include a sleeker player (improving on SoundCloud’s signature waveform design), the ability to play sounds continuously and navigate away from a particular track to continue searching the site without the audio stopping, improved search algorithms and tools, and the ability to repost audio in a way very similar to the “reblog” feature on Tumblr.

The improvements, SoundCloud co-founder and CEO Alexander Ljung said, were an attempt to make the web more audio-friendly.
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A Baby’s Artistic Intepretation of the 2012 Oscar Nominees

So awesome!


Everybody’s got an interpretation of the Oscar’s Best Picture nods. Why shouldn’t a baby get to chime in, too? A new Tumblr called “Don’t Call Me Oscar,” with the tagline “One child’s journey through the Best Picture nominees,” features a baby recreating scenes from all nine top-seeded films, save for Hugo (at least by the time this article was published). When necessary, stuffed animals stand in as supporting actors. Depictions of Black Swan and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have made their way onto the blog as well, but the Best Picture portrayals are, well, the best pictures.

Some of the photos, like the version of The Artist at right, make the films a lot more approachable, and could possibly alter the judge’s decisions. We’re hoping for a series of retrospectives that depict the Best Picture winners through history. We’re already envisioning a baby version of Scarlett O’Hara…

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Update: Twitter Flashmob for Mike Shinoda’s Birthday – TT in Brazil and Germany!

Hey Linkin Park fans!

Today is Mike’s birthday and we want to get the hashtag #HappyBDayMikeShinoda trending. In order to be most effective we’ll meet tonight for a nice little Twitter flashmob! Join us and spread the word (Twitter, Facebook, LPU, LPN, etc.)!

Time: 8.30pm in Germany = 11.30am PST

EDIT: We got a TT in Germany and in Barzil! I will add screenshots if I find them!

ABC News About Dave Choe’s Facebook Story

1. “I did everything I wanted to when I had nothing” – Dave Choe at 3:22 -> Probably the best sentence I’ve ever heard in my whole life! This should be everyone’s life motto!

2. Don’t worry, Dave. I bet the hype will die down someday!

Video: The Evolution of Music Online

As the 90s came to a close, the business of music began to change profoundly. New technology allowed artists to record and produce their own music and music videos, and the internet became a free-for-all distribution platform for musicians to promote themselves to audiences across the world. The result was a massive influx of artists onto the cultural scene, and audiences were left wondering how to sort through them all. In this episode we discuss these changes, and reveal how music blogs and websites have arisen as the new arbiters of quality.


Jon Cohen, Co-Founder, FADER Label

Ryan Dombal, Senior Editor, Pitchfork

Blake Whitman, VP of Creative Development, Vimeo

Anthony Volodkin, Founder, Hype Machine
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