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New kid on the block!

Hello everyone, this is me, Antigoni. I’m the newest member of this awesome blog run by Adie. What can I say for myself? Well, I’m 15 and I love Linkin Park, music and basketball. I also have a passion for Get Busy Committee, which led me to create Koalas And Uzis. Now it’s run by me and 3 awesome girls, Eva, Claudia and Alexandra. You can find me on Twitter too, I’m @AntigoniG7 and I tweet a LOT. So, enough with the presentation; the main point is that I’ll try to do my best to offer you creative and informative posts! I’ll post more about sports as it’s kind of what I wanna occupy with in the future. Stay tuned, guys! Finally, a huge thank you to Adie for letting me join!