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Blog Readers, I need your help! Who lives in Chicago?

UPDATE: The clue was picked up! It was a T-Shirt leading us to the next clue in BRAZIL! 😀

Dear blog readers, I know many of you are from the USA, so I guess there might be someone who lives in Chicago. I need YOUR help!

What you need: a little free time and the willingness to do something a little crazy
What you get: Internet fame, the gratitude of millions of people all over the world

What to do:

– Go to the Lincoln Park Zoo
– In the Gateway Pavillon you will find an envelope (maybe ask for it there)
– make a picture of the information you will find inside and send it to or tweet it to @adiek84 or message me on Facebook (Adie Klarpol)

What the hell am I talking about?

Linkin Park are doing a real life scavenger hunt with clues all around the world (summary here). The current clue is aforementioned envelope in the Lincoln Park Zoo. Unfortunately all LP fans are working now or doing whatever else, so at this moment, there’s no one to get this clue for us.
So if your willing to help us out, I will definitely feature you on this blog and mention you with all your social network accounts, so you can get something out of this as well. Also, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park himself has mentioned some fans who found the last clues on his blog, so you have a great chance to get some love from many people for your help!

If you wanna go, just comment this post, tweet me (@adiek84), or email me (

Thanks a lot!


PS: I’ve gained a lot of new followers during the last days. Thank you all very much!

Layout, Comments, Sharing, Rating & More

Hey guys, I just thought I should update you about what I’ve changed here lately. First, I’ve obviously changed the layout about 7390 times, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve found the right one now. I’m really happy with it and plan to keep it for a while.

The new header was created by none other than me, myself, and I, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’ve never done any graphic design before, so this header is the first thing I created (with Gimp, cause I can’t even afford a proper graphic design software).
Self conscious as I am, I immediately asked my 1,044 Twitter followers what they thought about it and I’m really grateful that two of them replied and liked it. Twitter can be funny sometimes. When you want to be left alone, everybody wants to talk to you, but when you actually ask people something you just hear the crickets chirr.

Some other great news is that you can share all the blog posts now on Tumblr, too! Just use the button in the share section right under the blog post. There you also find buttons for Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+ and many other social networks. Thanks to everyone who shares, will share and has shared my posts. It’s much appreciated.

In case you want to rate my blog posts, from now on you can do this on the home page without having to open the blog post, you want to rate, first. It’s nice to get some feedback, so feel free to give me grades, no matter if good ones or bad ones, or just leave a comment if you have something to say!

Also, welcome to all the new subsribers! I’ve gained a few during the last weeks and it means a lot that you want to have my blog posts in your mail box!

Happy 1st Anniversary To Myself!

One year ago, I’ve read something really interesting on Mike Shinoda’s blog and wanted to comment it. In order to do so I had to register at WordPress, and when I was asked if I just wanted an account or a blog as well, I just thought:”Okay, why not.” I didn’t really think about the blog’s content or its promotion, so I just typed in my internet user name “AdieK84”, inspired by the character Adie Klarpol in Richard Power’s book “Plowing the Dark”, when I was asked to chose a name for my blog. If I had known that my blog would get so big during the next year, I’d probably have chosen something really cool, but now we’re stuck with “AdieK84’s Blog”…=D
Before that, I’ve never even thought about having my own blog, but immediately after registering I started playing around with the blog editor and had so much fun blogging all the cool stuff I’ve found online.

One year and 64,395 hits later I can say that getting the blog was one of the best things happening to me in the past year. Not only is it fun to blog about art, music, relief efforts, etc….., but I’ve also met tons of great people online, among them visual artists, gallery owners, musicians, fellow Linkin Park fans and other great people from all over the world.
So thanks for sticking with me! 🙂

Special thanks to my great co-author Antigoni, Eze Aerosolz for making my logo for free, and everyone who contributed to this blog with reviews, art, etc.

I want to share a video that really made me think about the whole blogging thing, and about what content I should post here. Eventually I’ve decided that the blog should just mirror my interests and personality, so that I just posted whatever struck me as interesting.

The video was still decoding when I’ve posted it, but I hope it’s done when you’re reading this…

Germany Lifts 17-Year Ban on Demon-Blaster Doom

Seventeen years after being banned in the country, iconic first-person shooter Doom and its sequel are to be made available for sale in Germany.

The nation is well known for coming down hard on games that feature gore and violence, and the country’s stringent rules have caused countless games — including Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising and The Darkness — to be banned or reworked to be blood-free.

The same goes for id software’s demon-blaster Doom. The game’s violence, gore and satanic imagery caused plenty of controversy around the world (especially once it was revealed that the kids behind the Columbine High School massacre were avid players), and it was “indexed” in Germany.

Indexed games are put in the same legal category as pornography, so German citizens over 18 can own the games, but they can’t be sold in general retailers, by post or over the internet. Gamers in Germany have often relied on importing the games from overseas to avoid the bans and the blood-free editions.

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Got something to say? Guest blog on AdieK84’s Blog!

Since all those fan rewievs of the past Linkin Park shows were so great, I thought it was time to let you guys blog here some more!

If you’re interested in writing a guest blog just shoot me a tweet or send me a message on Facebook or via Email (for contact details see sidebar).

Here are some examples of topics you could write about:
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American McGee’s “Alice” @G1988 Pictures

G1988 just hosted an awesome event for E3 for the new video game “American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns.” and many great artists contributed some awesome pictures to the show, e.g. Mike Shinoda, Luke Chueh, Ken Wong & Julie Dillon.
Here are some pictures of the pieces that are up for sale at G1988. If you want some more, just go here and if you wanna buy a print or original painting visit the shop.

Mike Shinoda "The Tenth Gate" - all proceeds from this sale will go to the charity of Mike Shinoda's choice - Music For Relief

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Passing the Halo: A Defiant Look at the Franchise’s Future

Halo changed forever last month with the release of the Defiant Map Pack, a collection of new battlefields for the latest entry in the sci-fi videogame series. In most respects, the virtual killing fields — which give millions of Halo: Reach players new terrain upon which to splatter each other’s corpses — seem identical to the downloadable expansion packs Microsoft released for previous editions of the landmark Xbox game.

This was far more significant than your average expansion, though: It’s the first set of Halo levels produced without the input of Bungie Studios, the series’ creator.

Defiant was developed by 343 Industries, a new Microsoft unit tasked with continuing the franchise, and the expansion was seen as a litmus test: Can the Xbox maker craft something that feels like Halo without the incredibly talented studio that birthed the series? Continue reading Passing the Halo: A Defiant Look at the Franchise’s Future