Airport security is always stressful.  With the long lines, the tight security, the thorough and humiliating examination of carry-on baggage, passengers are always on edge.  Just imagine how you’d behave after finding out you’re a wanted suspect.

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The skincare brand Nivea created fake newspapers and broadcast breaking news bulletins to get unsuspecting passengers sweating – but just for the launch of their new line of Stress Protect deodorant in Germany, according to the website HyperVocal.

Hidden cameras caught the punk’d travelers stressing out – some even tried to flee the airport lounge.  But only after the crackdown was revealed as a promotion for Nivea’s new line of products did passengers finally ease up.

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The skin care company isn’t a stranger to controversy; it came under fire for a September 2011 print ad that many considered racist.  The advertisements were…

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