Review: Halcyon by Ellie Goulding

I’ve been a big fan of Ellie since I’ve heard “Starry Eyed” about two years ago for the first time, but I’m surprised that “Halcyon” is THAT good. I like every track of it, which is pretty rare. My favorites are JOY, Explosions, Only You, Figure 8, Anything could happen and Halcyon. Yes, I really have that many favorites. The album is great!


Halcyon by Ellie GouldingI know Ellie Goulding’s got a good voice, but while reading up on her before listening to her second album, Halcyon, I was surprised to learn that she’s a soprano. I didn’t quite get that from Lights (or was I missing something) and I’m glad we’re getting more of it on this release. It’s a bit more epic, a bit more sweeping, evidently different from the last release, but not that far away. “Anything Could Happen” is still a good first single, while album opener “Don’t Say A Word” and the aching “I Know You Care” showcase her properly. But sometimes the sweeping bit can be too much (same problem as Florence + the Machine, really) and she can get lost in the post. But at least we’re getting there. Maybe she’ll get the balance right in the third release. (Also, why the need for the “bonus” Calvin Harris…

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