ONCE UPON A TIME There Were Crocodile Tears


Episode 2.04 “The Crocodile”

Well, well, well… a nice play on the history of Captain Hook.

Arr, Mateys! Thar be Spoilery Booty Ahead!



Last week, no Mr. Gold. This week, no Regina. Which is fine because it would have interrupted a pretty tightly woven narrative about Rumplestiltskin and Captain Hook. And what a narrative it is. Scribes David Goodman and Robert Hull deliver a script that very cleverly places the Dark One in the midst of Hook’s back story, taking everything you know from the pirate’s history and giving it a little Once Upon a Time twist.

Let’s dive in.

As the story unfolds, Rumplestiltskin the Coward gets humiliated in front of Hook’s crew, and he has to slump away instead of confront his wife, who’s left the home for a little fun and adventure. It’s Bae who convinces her to come home, and she’s miserable because of…

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