Neil Gaiman Strikes Again

Now Neil Gaiman is my favorite author for a plethora of reasons, but giving out the audio version of his short story “Click-Clack The Rattlebag” (which he narrates!) for free on and, is pretty high up there on my list of “Awesome Things Neil Has Done”. Even better? For every free copy of “Click-Clack the Rattlebag”, $1 will go to or 50p will go to Booktrust through downloads from and Two groups that promote literacy and learning, which Gaiman handpicked himself. Another reason, also on my list.
It’s free until Halloween so I suggest going here and downloading the tale right away. Then I suggest arming yourself with an army of stuff animals, a blanket or two, a flashlight, and maybe even a sharp pointy stick. Just in case. While it may start off innocently enough, when the reality of the character’s  situation dawns on…

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