Game of Thrones: Relationship Rundown book 5

Reviews By Marika

I recently finished “A Dance with Dragons” so it is time for a relationship rundown for book five. “A Dance with Dragons” happens concurrently to “A Feast for Crows” so some of these relationships are the same, but there are a lot about the characters that did not appear in book 4, such as Daenerys and Asha/Yara Greyjoy for some reason. A lot of these parts haven’t been cast yet, so the pictures are sort of limited. Anyway, this contains spoilers through the end of series so far. Just as with the rundowns for the show and books three and four, proceed with caution and enjoy.

Past Relationships

 Jaime and Cersei

Last relationship rundown I said this relationship was probably over. It is now. Well at least it is for Jamie, who ran off with some woman in the Riverlands according to the rumors. Cersei seems to still be holding to the…

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