Dexter… a book purist’s nightmare, a screen junkie’s dream

After I had finished Season 1 of Dexter, I started reading the first book, but I didn’t like it either.

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It is virtually unheard of where a screen counterpart completely dominates its original birthplace of pages, but once every so often it does happen. One of the most prominent cases of this happening is with Dexter.

I started watching Dexter roughly the same time it started airing. I was completely captivated. This was something new. It used to be all about the movies, and series sucked, but in the last few years things have drastically changed. Movies just aren’t what they used to be, and series are filling a void so completely, it is scary to think that there was a stage where it was  not so. More time, energy and effort went into movies. Series are now the way to go.

It used to be viewed that an actor’s career was waning when they were cast for a series  How the times have changed…

Moving back to where I was……

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