AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM 2.2: “Tricks and Treats”

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It feels like the-powers-that-be at AMERICAN HORROR STORY ASYLUM have a lot of story to get through and are wasting no time getting there; this week’s episode gave us origin stories for Sister Jude and Shelley the Nymphomaniac, not to mention confirming my suspicions that Dr. Arden is precisely the twisted, self-loathing creep he appeared to be last week. And, not only is Zachary Quinto thrust into the story this week, his character is sketched in fairly quickly as the voice of “modern” medicine at the asylum.

Last week we learned that aliens exist in the AHSA universe, and this week shows us that the supernatural is real, as well. One does not often see those two elements mixed. I am interested to see if the “superscience” and supernatural will work together.

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