Adorable Clumsy Donkey Walks For First Time in Hot Pink Casts


It is quite possibly the cutest sight Newsfeed has witnessed all year: a three-week-old donkey in hot-pink casts. But they’re more than just an adorable fashion accessory.

Little Primrose was born prematurely before her legs had completely developed — leaving her unable to stand or walk without doing serious damage to her knees. As the Daily Mail put it, a wonky donkey.

Until her legs become strong enough to manage on their own, the casts are designed to support Primrose’s body weight.

Kate Maxwell, a veterinary staff worker at Britain’s Bind Equine Veterinary Practice, where Primrose is being treated, told the Daily Mail that she hopes the donkey can make a full recovery within ten days. “She’s perfectly happy now, she can run around and jump,” Maxwell said.

“Even in the few days that Primrose has been with us we’ve seen a great improvement in her condition.

“She’s very sociable. There…

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