WATCH: PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Is the Best Invisible Horse-Riding Rap Video You’ll See All Week


Meet PSY. You may not know his name, but according to the YouTube stats, some 28 million of you have watched the video for his highly addictive song, “Gangnam Style” in the month since it was uploaded. While the South Korean performer and reality TV judge is little known outside of his own country, “Gangnam Style” and its weird, wonderfully watchable video is now a certified viral hit.

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Much of the video features PSY riding an invisible horse through the streets of the Seoul’s Gangnam district, which gives you a pretty good sense of the clip’s tongue-in-cheek vibe. (In fact, the video has sparked a dance craze, aptly called “the invisible horse.”) “Gangnam means, it’s like Beverly Hills of Korea,” said PSY, a.k.a. Jae-Sang Park, in an interview with ABC News.

“But the guy doesn’t look like Beverly…

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