The Day Originality Died

Kay Solo

As an author, there are two things that I want to be: good and original. It’s very important that I be both. I could be good but unoriginal, so anything decent I publish would just be called a Fifty Shades of Grey. Erm, I mean, a horrible ripoff. (Sorry, I was looking at a thesaurus.) On the other hand, I could be original but bad, so even if all my ideas were unique, they’d probably be Twili — er, I mean, terrible.

Some people go for being good and unoriginal, but end up being neither anyway. Take this image here. Looks pretty blatant, doesn’t it? There’s actually a huge number of these movies, and they can all be found on Amazon for your amusement. That’s not to say that some aren’t potentially decent if you don’t compare them to anything else, but it’s pretty clear where the original idea came from.

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