Kimbra: Vows – Review


Native Kiwi, Kimbra Johnson, packs a sweet punch with her debut album, Vows.

You may know her better from her cameo on Gotye’s pop super-hit ‘Somebody I Used to Know’, but Kimbra is an artist in her own right. Drawing on jazz, pop and rock influences, Vows is a mish-mash of different styles and the outcome is glorious.

Already popular on the blogisphere, the opening track ‘Settle Down’ is both sweet and menacing with a sugary chorus and sinister lyrics, “I wanna settle down, it’s time to bring you down”. The overall effect is a mesmerising, quirky pop anthem. ‘Cameo Lover’ has a similar effect with its positive, uber-pop feel, a wall of sound chorus and feel-good lyrics, “Love is all that you need”. 

After the first few poppy tracks, you might think that the rest of the album will be more of the same but Kimbra throws some curve-balls…

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