Flying Lotus and OFWGKTA’s Earl pair up beautifully in Between Friends | @FlyingLotus

Ms Dynasty

OFWGKTA‘s Earl Sweatshirt showcases his ever improving skills on the mic in Between Friends. With producer Flying Lotus on the boards, Earl drenches the listener in a word salad composed of fly sounding multis and complex double entendres that only his most dedicated fans will appreciate. Similar to how Tyler, The Creator did in Yonkers, Earl distorts his voice to a more creepy sounding bass that results in an undeniably eerie listening experience.

Earl only supplies two verses in this track however. Nobody is sure who is rapping in the third verse. Even though it may be Flying Lotus himself rapping under the alias Charlie Murphy fans speculate it may be OFWGKTA‘s own leader Tyler rapping with a voice changer.

Click below to listen to Between Friends.

Stay tuned for more Earl.

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