Freakishly Excellent

Like Most Anyone

On the 27th of June 2012 Hypebeast released an interview with Self Edge’s owner Johan Lam on the ‘I am Other’ channel by Pharrell Williams. In the interview Lam talks about Japanese denim and the ‘Others’ generation.

The reason I share this video is because of Lams view on the Japanese culture, which I experienced when I lived in Tokyo:

“Japanese people, they are the best in making jeans and we strongly believe that. They make the best denim fabrics in the world. They pay the most attention to detail in terms of construction and they are willing to push the envelope in terms of evolving and furthering the quality of their products. I don’t even know if they necessarily understand it on their own. I think it has to do with the climate of their culture. Their work ethic, their desire to make things as freakishly excellent as possible…

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