Fan Review: My Living Things Release Week in LA at JKL + X Games Club Nokia by @irenekrygowski

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Old Linkin Park Fan Corner

Anticipating a trip to LA to see Linkin Park for a private LPU fan club only show May 18, 2012 I had been talking to many people on about how excited we were to see the band a lot sooner than we thought we would be seeing them as their US tour didn’t start until August. Some of us were even able to meet in person day of. Before this show a friend of mine had set up a group where we were all able to bond since the house of blues show and we continued to bond over the next couple weeks as our group grew into a little family. I am proud to be a part of it because we share so much, we have so much in common and just like a regular family, we are happy for each other in everything we do.
It was…

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