New queen of dystopian novels?

Paranormal Romance

Will Marie Lu’s debut novel LEGEND,  which introduced the YA audience to a new dystopian world and two star-crossed teen lovers June and Day, make her the next “it” author in Hollywood?
“Twilight” producer Wyck Godfrey thinks so. He purchased the film rights and CBS Films has snapped it up.
LEGENDis set  in Los Angeles where we meet teens Day and June. Day — who grew up in the slums of the city — is a  criminal blamed for the murder of June’s older brother. June — the rich kid — is a military-officer-in-training who is sent out to hunt Day.
Here’s what Lu said about her series and what she’s going to be doing at Comic-Con.  (The second book — PRODIGY — comes out Jan. 29, 2013.)
Q: Why write a dystopian series?

A: I think being born in 1984 somehow meant I was destined to write…

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