True Blood, Episode 52: “We’ll Meet Again”

The Highlighter

by Chris Saccaro

true blood, season 5, we'll meet again, alcide, joe manganiello


True Blood“” is finally starting to get the ball rolling on a many of its storylines this season, though there still seem to be some loose ends that are threatening the cohesion of the season’s narrative structure.

Last week’s episode ended with what could have been a dramatic yet appropriate end for Tara’s character, and it certainly would have been poetic if Tara killed herself after becoming the creature she hates most. However, the writers must clearly have something else planned for Tara, as Pam saves her at the last minute.

The Pam and Tara dynamic is a great relationship that I’m eager to see developed. It’s a fun pairing, but more importantly, it’s good for Tara’s character. If there is anyone that can help Tara become an independent (read: not whiny) character, it’s Pam.

The other benefit of pairing up Pam and…

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