Enter Shikari To Release New Single on July 2

Enter Shikari have announced that they’ll release their new single “Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here” tomorrow! The song is one of the best from the album, so I’m very happy with their choice!

On July 2nd, the single ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’ will be released in the UK

(dates will be slightly different for other countries, but only slightly)

The single will be released as a digital download bundle, featuring :

‘Warm Smiles…’ (album version)
‘Warm Smiles…’ (MOSQUITO – a.k.a J Majik & Wickaman – remix)

‘Warm Smiles…’ (TEK ONE remix)

‘Warm Smiles…’ (AZURA remix)

‘Warm Smiles…’ (TYLER MAE remix)

We’ll have details of where you can get that from soon.

there’ll also be VERY limited (500 of each) remix vinyl : UPDATE : WHICH WILL BE RELEASED AROUND MONDAY 16th JULY (yes, we HAD hoped to have them sooner… but manufacturing is slooooow right now. if we can get them out sooner, we will).

RED vinyl 12″ (featuring MOSQUITO remix b/w ‘Sssnakepit’ HAMILTON remix. available from selected shops and direct from http://www.entershikari.com/store)

BLUE vinyl 7″ (featuring TEK ONE remix b/w TYLER MAE remix. available only from http://www.entershikari.com/store)

there’s also a couple of ‘Warm Smiles…’ T-SHIRTS that will be released soon too. keep an eye out (actually, they’re in the store already. check ’em out http://www.entershikari.com/store).

The VIDEO will be on its way very very soon!!


ACTUALLY… it looks like we’ll be looking at MONDAY 2ND JULY to release the video too!!

Probably around 7PM UK TIME.

more news on that soon

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