German Garbage Collectors Create Art by Turning Dumpsters into Cameras


Some people already think that modern art is garbage. And that’s what the German advertising agency Scholz & Friends was counting on when it came up with the Trashcam Project and turned Hamburg’s sanitation workers into amateur street photographers.

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The project began as a p.r. exercise to show the public what garbage collectors do all day. What came as a surprise, however, was just how artistic the photography turned out to be. Speaking to Der Spiegel, Roland Wilhelm, a 61-year-old garbage collector turned photographer, said, “It’s really something unique. Nobody expected it to be so successful.”

The camera the garbage collectors used was not a modern-day digital SLR, but a dumpster converted into a giant pinhole camera. Many objects can, in theory, be turned into a pinhole camera — all it requires is a lightproof box with a hole on…

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