True Blood Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

Recap of the second True Blood episode from Season 5. So far this season is really good! I love the twist with Tara being a vampire now (a very drastic detour from the books) and the glimpse into Vampire politics is pretty cool too. The highlight of this episode was definitely the flashback of Pam’s and Eric’s first meeting. I wanna see more of that!

A Couple of Critics

Warning: Don’t read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season 5, Episode 2 – Authority Always Wins

“Jesus loves vampires. I mean, anyone who’s been dead for three days knows where we’re coming from” – Steve Newlin

This week True Blood finally listened to all their naysayers; out with the sex and in with the religion. Somehow I think they might have missed the point.

Oh the backstory we learned this week! The elusive Authority was finally revealed and it is much less executive suite than Nan Flannigan would have suggested. No instead it seems much more heavily influenced by religion. In fact, surprise, surprise, there’s an entire Vampire Bible, the Original Testament, if you will.  And it seems to be based around Lilith who, as Wikipedia has informed me, is a character of Jewish mythology who is thought to be related to a class of female demons. According to the folklore…

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