Nora’s Beauty Diary About Linkin Park…no, you didn’t read that wrong

Nora with Mike | Photo: Nora Garmann

I know that the blog is dangerously close to reaching a Linkin PArk overload (especially with a second fan review coming up), but I still needed to take the comedic opportunity and post this. So Nora was at Rock am Ring and met Linkin Park there…the perfect opportunity to write her Beauty Diary about them! Aside from the fact that this is a beauty blog about Linkin Park, it’s surprising that there isn’t any real info about style or beauty, just some general statements. Still, it’s a positive article and we don’t wanna be too harsh (also the pics are cool). Here we go:

One could argue that “Linkin Park” or “Rock am Ring” really doesn’t have anything to do with a beauty blog; I beg to differ; it all depends on your definition on “Beauty” as such. Following and experience this amazing band on stage, watching tousends of people knowing the lyrics by heart singing along, waiving their hands; I would say that is a beautiful sight! A beauty full of cheer joy! A moment where you just live. Take in all around you, let your mind travel or simply enjoy the stillness inside, letting your senses just take it in. Its a moment of no consequence, its a moment of impressions, its a beautiful moment, and today its all about Linkin Park. Looking around with fashion in mind, the term is slightly widely interperated here in Nürnbergring, its all about rock`n`roll, and fashion don`t have the shotgun seat. But that rock`n`roll is a topic inspiring designers on and off for decades, that is a fact. Its a theme that keeps inspiring and it is always represented on the runway one way or the other. We have also let us being inspired by the the trend, and will share the amazing photo-shooting with Shan Rahimkhan and Nela König next week;-)

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Nora with Chester |Photo: Nora Garmann

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