Fan Review: Berlin, Admiralspalast 06/05/12 (Telekom Street Gigs) By @lpfan1989

I´m happy, that I´m writing a review for AdieK84´s Blog, again :-).

We drove to Berlin at 1:30PM MET, arrived at 5:30PM MET. For Info: my best friend went with me to the concert.
After we had arrived, we went to the waiting area of the venue and I met a few friends, that I know through the internet and of course Adam from LPUHQ. At 6:30PM MET the entry to the venue opened.
My best friend and I were the first persons to enter and we got the passes for the show.

Me, my Wheelchair and my best friend got a place right in front of the stage.
Before the show Simon G. as seen on Prosieben (German television) handed out some merchandise from German Telekom, he raffled off 3 HTC Smartphones.

Around 8:15-8:30PM MET, the show started!
Intro + Faint were a great opening, the whole venue exploded!
I was standing beside to a big speaker, so I didn´t just heard the music, I felt Linkin Park in my whole body.
The whole set with Papercut, With You, Runaway, Blackout, Somewhere I Belong, LIES GREED MISERY, One Step Closer, BURN IT DOWN and all other song was mind blowing!
I was so happy, moved in my wheelchair and sang every song together with the band and the amazing crowd.

My highlights of the show:
1. Mark Fiore (the official cameraman and video editor of Linkin Park) took my camera and made two pictures of Chester and Phoenix for me
2. When Mike was standing on top of a speaker, he looked at me and remembered me, from the LPU Summit in Hamburg 2011 and his smile was soo great!
3. After the show had ended, the band said their thanks to the crowd, Chester and Phoenix went to my side, saw me and remembered me too!
4. After the band had left the stage, a security guy came to me and another person sitting in a wheelchair and gave us a Linkin Park drum stick (this LP drum stick is for my best friend, he deserves it)

While we left the venue, we met Simon G. and took a picture with him. After that, we made our way home.

It was a fantastic evening and my second favourite concert after the LPU Summit in Hamburg 2011!

Adie: Thanks to LPFan1989 for this great review and for taking so many awesome pictures! We’re getting another review of this gig from Tensh_iie, so stay tuned for that one! Also, remember that this show is coming to cinemas! Click the banner for more info!

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