UPDATED: Linkin Park LIVING THINGS Listening Partys Organisation


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I bet you expected dates here! Well, there’s a catch: if you want a listening party in a city near you, you gotta help organise it! LPFMFAN’s comment on Mike’s latest blog post gave me the idea of organising listening parties all over the world, but of course I will need your help!

1. The listening parties should take place in big cities, where many fans who live in the area can travel to
2. We will need 1 or more person per city to organise the event
3. If there is a local fansite in your country ( like LPR for Germany, LPBR from Brazil) open a new post in the forum and strat organising the listening parties in your country there. Send me the link of the thread and I’ll share it!
4. Make pictures and tweet them to @linkinpark, hashtag #livingthingsreleaseday
5. Due to different release dates you can choose if you want the party to happen on your cities/countries release date or on the worldwide release date

Edit: Since the LPA has added a thread for the organization, I will leave it to them. Click here to go there!

The parties in Germany are organized at the LPR Forums: http://t.co/yv0YPI1

Listening parties for Indonesian Fans are organized here: http://t.co/v6mKBNp

Facebook event of a listening party in Japan: https://t.co/tF7uBMgL

Facebook event of a listening party in Portugal: http://t.co/4oCGtZom

For everyone who can’t attend a real world party, go here!

Share this flyer and spread the word!

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