Fan Review: Rock am Ring (Linkin Park), 06/01/2012 by Jennifer Klein

After four sleepless nights, it has finally come!!! LINKIN PARK; ROCK AM RING!!! Here we come =)
My second LP concert and my first Meet+Greet. I´m so nervous.

We left the campsite at 5pm to see some bands before the Meet+Greet. We went to the Centerstage and saw Cypress Hill, Kasabian (They look so great) and Gossip (Damn, Beth Ditto is so crazy and she got an awesome voice!). Gossip played until 9pm and because the M+G was at 9:30pm we went to the venue. Slowly it was full of people. Sure, LP is playing tonight!! ^^


After we had been waiting for half an hour or so, Adam came and checked the names on his list. We were 50 people or so. I don´t know (: Then we got our M+G pass and went by the barriers to a spot close to the Centerstage, there we had to wait again. Finally we were allowed to go further to some white tents. We had to line up to a row and then we got in.

Behind the Centerstage

I was shocked! LP were sitting there. I couldn’t believe it. A dream came true. Holy shit. Damn!!! My hands were shaking.
Joe was the first, he signed my LPU11 Pass and smiled at me. More than a thank you I didn´t get out.
Next was Rob, he´s so cute. Then Chester, oh my god, he looks so gorgeous! I said “Hi” and thanked him. He said: “You´re welcome.” 🙂 And now: Mike! He has incredible eyes, so deeply. I said “Hello” and “Thanks” to him and he: “Thank you too” 🙂 It´s so amazing to hear the real voices of them in such a small distance. Next were Brad and then Phoenix. The guys were joking with each other and then smiled at me and signed my pass. It was crazy 🙂 Then I went out and went to the other LPU Members. Oh, I was so happy. I still couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately we didn’t make a group photo :´( It all happened so fast.
But we could go to the A-Area (in front of the stage). I made it even into the fourth row 🙂

They still set up the stuff for LP. The Crew does an awesome job. Thanks to you, without you we couldn’t see LP. Give you all a hug!

Now it was 11:20pm. LP started their show. The incredible setlist from the last concerts didn’t change. =)
The opening with “A place for my head” (With an extended intro and outro) is brilliant. Each person jumped up and down and sang with the band. The atmosphere was amazing!
Then “Given up”, Chester´s voice is the best in the whole universe. Damn! Next Song: “Faint”. One of my favorites! The drum part is great. After 5 songs from the first two albums (the audience was absolutely brilliant), they played “Lies Greed Misery”. I love this song.

Photo: Linkin Park

The next songs were “Points of Authority”, “Waiting for the End” (with the Wall of noise outro. Great!!!), “Breaking the habit” (one of the best songs) and the Medley of “Leave out all the rest”, “Shadow of the day” and “Iridescent”. It sounds wonderful. Then “The Catalyst”, “Burn it down” and “What I’ve done” (Looking forward to Living Things, 17 days, haha ^^).

Now the last 5 songs. “Crawling”, another favorite 🙂 Next: “New Divide”. The Song is awesome. Especially live. After that “Bleed it out”, with the bridge of “Sabotage” (Beastie Boys). I like it how Chester is singing that part =)

But time goes by so fast. After 22 great songs the show ended with “Papercut” and “One Step Closer”. That was the highlight of a perfect day.
Brad, Chester, Joe, Mike, Phoenix and Rob were great as always and did their best for the fans. Thanks a lot guys! Without you, life would be meaningless for me!

Thank you too, Adie! You have a wonderful blog. Big praise ^^

Adie: Huge thanks to Jenni for this awesome review! Also thanks for the kind words! Coming up is Denise’s review of Rock im Park, which took place at the same weekend (Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are partner festivals with the same line up) and I bet she’ll write something about that cute on-stage proposal, so stay tuned!

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