Fan Review LPU Roadie for the Day Special: Rock in Rio Lisbon/Portugal (26.05.12) by Cátia Marques

Hey there, guys. First of all, I would like to say that I’m really happy about reviewing for Adie’s blog, it’s my first time doing so. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it

So, on Saturday’s morning my best friend and I started to get ready to go to Rock in Rio. I had stayed at her house on the day before, since she lives near the venue. We got there around lunch time (1 pm) and we joined some other fans that were already waiting. There were still 3 hours to go till the doors would open, so we just sit there and some of us started to play Linkin Park songs on our phones. It was really sunny and hot and there were times when I started to feel a bit dizzy (back pain wasn’t helping at all), so I was really happy when the doors finally opened and we got in.

I had planned to meet Adam at 4 pm, near a huge pink tower (the same place where we would meet up for the M + G, later that night). Once I got there, I immediately saw him taking pics of the main stage and the crowd. We talked for a couple of minutes, before we headed to the merch booth. Once we got there, we saw some really cool Linkin Park shirts and I thought about getting one, with Adam quickly approving it. I decided to get a LIVING THINGS shirt with all the tour dates, I thought that one was pretty nice.

After that, Adam took a pic of myself holding the shirt and we started to look for some Linkin Park fans whom we could sell some LPU memberships to. We found two guys near the entrance and Adam asked them if they could speak English. Once they said they could understand it a little bit, Adam started to explain what was the LPU about and he told them that, if they would get a membership, they could meet the band later that night (some people had cancelled their M + Gs at the last minute, so Adam had some spots left). This was a pretty funny situation, because those two guys didn’t believe that Adam was actually working for the band, even though he had his Tour credentials and he was using a radio. I then spoke to them in Portuguese and explained that he was indeed the real Adam and I also told them about the benefits of joining the fanclub. They really wanted to do so, but the money they had was from their parents and they had already bought tickets and some other merch. I translated that to Adam and he totally understood their situation.

While we were talking, a girl passed by and asked us if we wanted to take a picture with another person who was in a frog costume. Adam said it was okay and we took the pic. She gave us a card with a link to where we could find it, but apparently it hasn’t been uploaded yet. I’ll let you guys know once I have it!

We then decided to go to the entrance and meet with the MFR people. My best friend, who’s also an LPUer and had a Meet and Greet as well, was volunteering and I introduced her to Adam. Then I met Missy, she was the one in charge of the volunteering project. Adam introduced me to her (pronouncing my name in a really American way, which I actually like, but then I told him how to pronounce it right and he quickly got it) and we talked for a couple of minutes. She is a really sweet person, really glad I met her! Here’s a pic of the MFR earplugs the guys were distributing

After that, we decided to stay around the entrance. Adam thought it would be easier to find Linkin Park fans there, since people were always coming in. I told him that the majority of them were probably on the front row waiting for other concerts already and he agreed with me, telling me about how crazy it was to see them running like mad, to get a good spot. We found another Linkin Park fan and, like we did with the other two guys, we explained her about the fanclub and the free Meet and Greet spot. She was so excited about it that she quickly gave Adam the money. She told us how she had been a huge fan for years and how she had the dream of meeting the band. Adam was really stoked for her and I told him that there were many hardcore fans in Portugal that would love to join the fanclub but they simply can’t afford it. In the end, he ended up taking a picture with her.

Photo: LPUnderground

We then headed to the main stage and Adam was really excited about an activity that was going on there, where people were sliding through a rope. He made a video while one person was on that rope and he said he would like to do it as well, so we climbed the hill that led to the place where they were starting the activity (Adam asked me why there are so many hills in there, I have no idea, haha). Once we got up there, there was a huge line already and Adam quickly changed his mind, which I had to agree with. We had also met with some other fans (Adam talked about how he had already listened to the new record and he described it a bit without giving too much away) and MFR volunteers before, as well as a group of Spanish LPUers, where I found a girl with whom I usually talk to on LPU, Steffy. We had a nice convo and we ended up taking a group picture.

Meanwhile, Adam and I continued to look for some fans who would want to join the LPU. Some of them couldn’t afford it, but we found two Portuguese guys who were studying in Spain and they were really excited about this opportunity. We talked for a while and they decided to join the fanclub, really happy about the fact that they would meet the band later on. Adam thought they were really nice people and he decided to make a video where both of them introduced themselves and talked a bit about their experiences as LP fans.

We then walked around for a bit and we took some photos. I told him how excited I was for the new album and then I commented about the karaoke thing that was going on, where they were singing Rolling in the Deep. I quickly thought about Chester and told Adam about that, but the funny thing was when I realized whoever was singing at that moment was doing it in a quite awful way. Adam quickly agreed with that and I mentioned how Chester would totally nail it if he was there.

Adam then went backstage to get some water bottles and he brought me a MFR bandana (he was also giving guitar picks to the fans who would get a membership and he gave me one as well). He showed me a picture of the new M + G passes that we would get later that night, which are totally badass (I’ll have a picture of all those things at the end of the review). He also showed me Mike’s tweet to LPAssociation with the fake setlist, which I thought it was pretty funny.

Meanwhile, a girl approached us and told me that it was her 18th birthday and that she would love to meet Chester and she would do anything for it. I smiled and told Adam about it and he quickly understood it, explaining her about the opportunity of joining the fanclub and getting to meet the band later on. She was so excited about it that she didn’t even think twice when she gave Adam the money. She called a friend of her and once she got there, she decided to get a membership as well. I was really happy for both of them, you could clearly see how they were going nuts about the news. In the meantime, I also took a picture of the main stage, which was starting to get crowded, with still about 3.5 hours to go till Linkin Park’s concert.

After this, Adam and I went to meet up with my best friend, who I couldn’t find anywhere. I called her and once I finally found her, Adam told us that he had to go for now, but he would be back around the M + G time. He thanked me for all the help and he gave me a hug. I thanked him as well and we said bye.

While waiting for the M + G, I got a call from a friend of mine (Victor from the LPU, one of the funniest guys ever) and we finally met each other. People started to gather around the M + G meet up place and that’s when I asked everyone if they wanted to sign the Portuguese flag I had brought, which I was planning to give to Mike. The LPUers were really happy with the idea and we quickly got our flag filled with signatures. Once Adam got back, he went through the list of people for the M + G, to see if everyone was there. He asked me to help him again explaining the rules to the guys. Everyone was starting to get really nervous and Missy was telling us to keep calm. I talked to her a little bit and told her how I was loving the experience and how much the band means to me, she seemed quite happy about it. We also took some pics before heading backstage.

Adam and I
Me, my best friend Inês and Victor
Photo: LPUnderground

Once we got there and we were waiting, I saw Megumi and called her, she quickly ran to me. I told her how awesome I thought she was and she gave me a hug and thanked me a lot. She is the sweetest girl ever, really happy that I got to see her!

After this, the nervousness began. The LPUers were led to a small place where the band was waiting for us. One by one, we started to get our items signed and we got to talk to them for a bit. I was talking to the two girls who were in front of me, who were also quite nervous. The little room was placed at our left, which meant that we had to take a turn so we could see the band. Joe was the first one I saw, followed by Brad and Dave, who was wearing a beanie. He was the first one signing my MTM flag. He signed it on the first letter of PARK, which I thought it was funny, since it shares the same first letter with his nickname. I have no idea if he did it intentionally, but he was the only one signing near the band’s name. We talked for a bit, he asked how I was and I also wished him good luck. In the end, he shook my hand and I thanked him. Next one in line was Rob, who was really nice as well. I said hi and he seemed quite happy when he answered back. I told him he could sign near his image on the flag, he thought that was the best option. I then wished him good luck and he was really thankful.

I got to talk to Mike then. While he was signing, I wanted to ask him to draw something, but I totally blanked and ended up messing the whole question. He somehow understood it and I was really glad about that. I then gave him the gifts I had brought to the band, one of them being the Portuguese flag I mentioned before. I told him it was signed by everyone and asked him if he could put it on stage. He assured me they would do it. That’s when I realized that I had used A LOT of time talking to Mike and, when I noticed, Chester, Brad and Joe had already signed my flag. I was really mad at myself, but I thanked the three of them and somehow Chester’s soft tone while saying “You’re welcome” calmed me down a bit.

Photo: Linkin Park Portugal’s Facebook

We were then waiting for the group pic outside, but we didn’t get one. We headed back to the main stage, so we could watch the concert, and we were wondering why that happened. When I sent an e-mail to Adam on the day after, thanking him for everything, I asked him why there wasn’t a group pic. He told me that there was no room for it (the M + G place was rather small) and that Tim, their photographer, wasn’t there.

I won’t say much about the concert, since Fábio (who I also met at the venue, really nice guy) is already gonna write a review about it, but I can tell you that it was the most amazing experience EVER. I was right behind the pit with some other LPUers, on the right side of the stage, and I can’t tell you guys how happy I was when I saw our flag there. They kept filming it during the concert and each time I saw it, I could only smile. The crowd was awesome and the band totally ROCKED. It was quite funny when they played LIES GREED MISERY and my best friend and I started singing Mike’s rap, with everyone being surprised about that. Some of the fans that were in front of us complimented me about knowing all their lyrics and I thanked them.

You can find more pics on LPU here! You can also watch the full concert here!

I apologize for the fact that the review is so long, but I really wanted to tell you guys about my experience. I tried to write about as many details as I could remember and I really hope you liked it Here is the picture with all the things I got at the venue.

The flag I got signed, my shirt, my M&G pass, some stickers, the MFR earplugs, my guitar pick, the bandana Adam gave me and signed, a RIR bracelet I got at the venue and my M&G confirmation, with my concert tickets inside

HUGE thanks to Adam for being so awesome. For those of you who still haven’t met him, I can tell you that he is an amazing person, super nice and really easy to talk to. It was awesome to work with him and I’ll never be able to thank him enough. I also wanna thank the band for being my biggest inspiration and for always being there for me with their music. This was definitely the best day ever.

Thank you, Adie, for letting me write this review for your blog. I had a bunch of fun YOU ROCK!

Adie: Huge thanks for this great review and the nice words to Cátia! How sweet she is, apologizing for the length as if we don’t want to read that all! XD Follow her on Twitter (@YoMarquesLP)! Except for the ones with other references, all pictures belong to Cátia. If you use them and don’t credit her, God will know and send you to hell! 😉

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