Linkin Park Debut New Track … And Want Fansite To Leak It

Zane Lowe with the Linkin Park fans that found the final clue in the Linkin Park Scavenger Hunt | Photo: LPAssociation

Yesterday, Linkin Park have ended their Scavenger Hunt, which took the fans all around the world with little clues and riddles hidden in Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Chicago, Rio, LA, Berlin and London (read more here).
The final clue was a password protected pen drive containing a brand new Linkin Park song – the problem was that the pen drive would automatically erase itself when the wrong password was typed in! The fans were told to get the password in the BBC studios in London during the Zane Lowe show.

The track “LIES GREED MISERY” was premiered live on air with the fans present in the studio and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park calling in to congratulate them. One of the fans getting the last clue was Joe, who is co-running one of Linkin Park’s most popular fanpages, the LPAssociation. As a special reward, Mike Shinoda told Joe to personalize the filename of the LIES GREED MISERY mp3 on the pendrive and leak the song! You can now exclusively and legally download “LIES GREED MISERY” on LPAssociation!

Here is Mike’s message to Joe:

“Joe, you get the special honour of being the final scavenger hunt winner. You’re the guy that, in fact, as I heard everybody picked you to be the final guy, because you run LPA. Ok, so LPA’s been a big part of this scavenger hunt, as we all know, and so here’s the final deal for you. So for the fans all over the world, you guys are getting the song, everybody wins in that sense. But we wanted to do something special for the last person who is the last step in this whole thing, and so we thought up something that we thought would be fun for you. What I want you to do with that file, that mp3 that’s on the USB drive, it says Lies, Greed, Misery dot mp3, what I want you to do with it is I want you to add your name. I want you to put whatever you want, in fact if you want to put your name and LPA, whatever you want to put it should say Lies, Greed, Misery dash whatever you want after it, and I want you to leak it.”


In addition to that final treat, all the fans who found the different clues of the Scavenger Hunt will be presented with a handburned and signed CD of the new Linkin Park album “LIVING THINGS”!
With the Scavenger Hunt and the huge reward, Linkin Park have once again proven their creativity and closeness to the fans. An awesoem finale to a great promotional campaign!

You can listen to the whole interview on the Zane Lowe Show here. Thanks to BlackChester for recording it!

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