I must admit that I’m a bit sad about the hunt ending. It was fun to discuss all the clues in the LPA forum. Without those guys, we would have been so lost. This was really a group effort and I’ve found many new LP fan-friends from all the different locations. Looking forward to the track and I’m so ready for the new album!
In other news, like I’ve done in the past, I will again publish fan reviews on my blog from all the upcoming LP shows, among them an LPU Roadie special & reports from the summit. You can check out the first two reviews from the HOB show by Irene and Dayna here http://wp.me/p153tN-1Od and here http://wp.me/p153tN-1Np
I wish you guys safe travels to Europe!

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The finish line of the LINKIN PARK SCAVENGER HUNT is finally upon us.

I’ll be calling in to BBC’s Zane Lowe, to talk about the end of the puzzle, the journey on which it has taken us, and premiering a brand new track from LIVING THINGS.  Check in with me on Twitter for updates and other info.

But keep in mind: we’ve still got a surprise or two up our sleeve.

Stay tuned.

Check out LPA’s coverage of the hunt HERE.

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