Great Article About Linkin Park’s Marketing Manager Adam Ruehmer

Most Linkin Park fans know Adam Ruehmer, but for those who don’t, he’s pretty much the guy you turn to whenever there’s a question about the fan club, live shows, ticket sale, etc.
Galesburg’s local newspaper, The Register-Mail, featured a little article about his work on their website, which also says that Adam will blog from the road for them! Things to look forward to!

Here’s the article:

Galesburg’s Adam Ruehmer told me recently he will accompany Linkin Park on its world tour this year. A 2002 GHS graduate, Adam is marketing manager for the band.

“Our first leg takes us all over Europe, from Lisbon, to Moscow, even to Romania. I leave in a month. Following that, we’re doing a huge U.S. tour with the band Incubus in August.”

All tour dates are up at

Adam has agree to blog from the Linkin Park world tour for, so check back for updates.

Meanwhile, I asked Adam to fill us in on his duties with Linkin Park:

My official title is Marketing Manager for Linkin Park Strategic Marketing. It’s a mouthful, I know. Here’s what that means:

• I create and implement grassroots marketing campaigns for Linkin Park releases, tours, and special events.

• During the World Tour, I’ll be running all social media from the road (,, Linkin Park’s Instagram,, etc.). I’ll also be coordinating and running all fan events at the shows including meet & greets, and any other fan promotions.

• The last 3 years, I’ve been building up the band’s Facebook page which now has over 40 MILLION fans, 16th most for ANY entity on Facebook. I’m in charge of writing and copy and doing all posts on Facebook, Twitter,, and any other Linkin Park profile on the Internet. I’m considered “the voice of the band” to the fans. If you go to, much of the news is actually posted by “Adam.”

• I’m the fans’ connection to the band. All of the major Linkin Park fans around the world know me, and I know them. If fans have questions or ideas, they know they can send me a message on Twitter and I can answer them, or bring it to the band.

• I run Linkin Park’s official fan club, the LP Underground.

• Work closely with the band to coordinate exclusive events and benefits for fan club members, including fan club “Summits” which we have done all over the world (I traveled with them to Tokyo, Germany, London and Chicago last year). During these Summit events, fan club members get behind the scenes access to a Linkin Park arena show. No other band does anything like this.

That’s my job in a nutshell! All of Linkin Park’s social media, fan interaction, running the fan club, digital marketing … that’s pretty much it!

You can follow Adam on Twitter @heydudeimadam

2 thoughts on “Great Article About Linkin Park’s Marketing Manager Adam Ruehmer”

  1. Hello sir we are students of SRM Univercity Chennai,India>
    We are thinking of bringing Linkin Park to our college>We have a student of around 20,000 .Sir we will be highly obliged oif we could just know how much will it cost for us thank you sir

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