Linkin Park Female Merchandise Design Contest

My friend Rossi is doing a “Linkin Park Female Merchandise Design Contest” and you can win some great prizes! Here are the details:

Hey, guys!

How are you? Working on some female merch items? 😉
If you really still do not know what I am talking about, please follow this link

Soooo here is the surprise I’ve promised to some of you!


I decided to do a contest!

Linkin Park Female Merchandise Items

What do you have to do?
Design an item that could be used for our Female Merchandise Project. This could be everything that a female could wear or use. (If you are not sure if your idea would be accepted, ask us in an e-mail)

When does it start/end?
From April 2nd until May 11th 2012

Who can enter?
Everybody! There is no age or sex restriction for this!

Are you allowed to submt more than one entry?
Yes! You can send us as many designs as you want. They will be viewed as separated entries.

More info on how you can enter the contest here! Good luck!

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