Alex Band News Roundup: New Band, Album News, EP Release Date

Alex Band, who is struggling to build a career as an independent artist after his huge success with The Calling, has had a few problems last year. Some concerts in Germany had to be cancelled because Alex had some health issues and he took a little social media time out to get better.
The time out is over now, because Alex posted this message a few days ago:

Hey everyone! Long time no talk!!!

It truly warms my heart to know that my absence has weighed just as heavy on all of you as it has on me. I want you to all know, that each and every one of you have been in my heart and on my mind every single day over these last few crazy months that were filled with some of the most difficult and greatest experiences of my life. I’m so happy to say that I’m truly now 100% back in business, feeling better than ever, and at the most exciting point in my career thus far. I’m VERY ready to give you guys a taste of what’s in-store from my insanely talented new band and I: Sean Kipe (Lead Guitar), Art Pacheco (Drums) and Simon Huber (Bass/Strings). We have been working day and night writing and recording my awesome brand new album, right here in my newly-built, unbelievably beautiful, and fully-functioning recording studio of my dreams (check out some pictures I just took here: . My cats and I were literally living inside the new recording studio (aptly called “Studio A”) for over 3 months, while I was building it from the ground up; all while I was also finishing the 5 song Killer Tracks half album, which by the way will be out soon. WORLDWIDE, on iTunes for you all to purchase.

Studio A | Photo: Alex Band

Oh yah, make sure to check out “Shape of Your Heart”, one of the new songs that I wrote and produced myself for Killer Tracks, here at: The rest of the mini-album is the best work I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait until you can all hear it; even more exciting, is my all-new full length album that will be finished by mid-May and releasing In the fall, all across the world, just like The Calling albums were. You will of course see my name “Alex Band”, all over my soon to be launched new website (with a huge special content-filled members-only section and totally redesigned interactive on-line store). You may assume this new album is another solo project, especially when you come across it later this year at your local records store or radio station…BUT DON’T be mistaken!…Because I finally took the long overdue advice of my biggest idol and friend, that I think just about everybody on earth knows, and I created a true BAND: Sean, Art and Simon, who you will all get to know very well in the coming weeks and months, are here to stay, as my partners in all things “Alex Band”. The “band” is in the name, and I couldn’t be happier or luckier to have found such a frikking amazing, seriously rocking band! Oh, and did I mention I’ve just built an entire office for my record label, “AMB Records”, complete with actual employees, right next door to my recording studio here in Hollywood?!

AMB Records Office | Photo: Alex Band

Man, have I been one busy guy!! ( ). It’s great being able to run everything all from one place; especially every aspect of my online store, from creation to shipping. Speaking of my online store, besides being in the process of designing a whole new website for it, my workers and I are creating tons of new super cool products that you all are going to love…I mean REALLY cool stuff! Of course all this good had to come with the bad, that’s just the way things work sometimes, and I for sure know that from a bunch of recent personal experiences. I’m sad to say the biggest one is that Kristin and I are no longer a couple, and are amicably in the process of getting a divorce. I’m sure I’ll speak of it more as time passes, but please respect Kristin and my privacy right now as we go through this difficult time. The great thing is that we have and will continue to stay close friends and work together, here and there, in this wild and crazy business. Everything happens for a reason, as hard as that may be to understand at the time, you will always learn, soon enough.

So everyone, don’t forget to check back regularly to see all the candid pictures and videos that are being taken here each day, showing what the band and I are up to while making our new album in my new studio, as well as what’s happening in the AMB Records office, and of course what I’m doing in my personal life when I get 2 minutes of free time once in a while! I’m truly overwhelmed with gratitude to have such a loyal and supportive fan base…THANK YOU once again for sticking with me through this very quiet time. It’s difficult for me to communicate how happy I am to be back at work, and just how much my fans, you, mean to me: You guys are why I do this, why I create, and why I get up each morning and can’t wait to get in to the studio to finish the greatest album yet and get on tour! Talk soon…

All the love,

Alex Band (and the band!)

Aside from his personal problems, he seems to be full of excitement for a new chapter of his career! For a visible change, he dyed his hair back to blonde again, after quite some time with his natural brown hair, as you can see in this blurry picture:

The Killer Tracks EP will be released on May 22. Stay tuned!

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