For the Love of Street Art

This is a really good blog for anyone who’s interested in street art. Great pictures and articles!

Fried Green Design

By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with (and maybe sick of) my love of guerilla, deviant and fully-sanctioned street art. For a designer, and maker of generally very small things, I certainly do love an oversized piece of obtrusive art on a building or wall. Richmond must have felt me losing interest in our ebbing and flowing art scene, because we are about to play host to a group of muralists and street artists from all over the place – coming here to (re)decorate several blocks of our flood wall, now that our outdated, faded-out, historically-themed banners have come down. This will all be taking place near what has been recently dubbed the Shockoe Design District, below our main Downtown area.

To be totally honest, I’m not entirely clear on what the Shockoe Design District is. Is it a bunch of merchants that happen to be design-related? Is it…

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