G40 Mural Update and Art 180 Project

Fried Green Design

While I was out photographing the G40 Summit murals, I swung by Monument Avenue to see the Art 180 paintings before the organization has to take them down. Art 180 is a fabulous local organization that encourages urban kids express themselves through art-related programs. I have to say, I’m not sure the actual circumstances or sentiment surrounding the eviction of this project from a public median, but I really loved it and I’m sad to see it go so soon.

G40 Mural pics photographed today (and a couple yesterday), more pics on my flickr:

Pixel Pancho at 112 N 18th, Shockoe Bottom

2501 progress at 11 S 18th, Shockoe Bottom

ROA on the back of 11 S 18th

La Pandilla at 17 W Marshall

Lelo finished at 414 W Broad

Lelo at 2043 W Broad

Jaz detail, 212 W Broad

Angry Woebots at 311 W Broad


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