Exclusive: Linkin Park Announce Huge World Tour & Fan Contest! (April Fools’ Day Post)

We were invited to the top secret rehearsals for the upcoming Linkin Park world tour

Linkin Park’s newest single “Burn it Down” will hit radios on April 16 with the new album following this summer and, as always, the guys are stepping up their game for the new album cycle. Responding to numerous fan requests, an extensive world tour is planned, with much requested stops in Lusaka (Zambia), Hazaribagh (India), Peapack-Gladstone (USA) and Bourscheid (Luxembourg).
The tour is set to start in Los Angeles and will take the band into record-breaking 5,937 cities all over the world!
Mike Shinoda:

“We got so many requests throughout the years and were never really able to fulfil them, but this year we decided, that we wanted to play every city with LP fans, even if we play in front of 3 people! We will probably start recording the next album as soon as we finish this tour in 2016.”

Their gig in the Taklamakan Desert will be even broadcasted by the Disney Channel and released on DVD in late 2013. A full list of all cities can be viewed here.

The upcoming world tour will also get a brand new look. According to tour manager Jim Digby, the band will perform on six stages, one for every member, and for the first time ever, there will be dancers and circus performers supporting the band.
Brad Delson, who will be supervising the acrobats’ training, told us:

“We have reinvented ourselves completely! The new Linkin Park will be bolder, braver and hotter. The new band philosophy includes going all the way, spending every dime we have and making every single person in the world happy. This show will be explosive and daring.”

Described as a “firecracker record” by Shinoda, the theme of the upcoming album will be fire, most songs dealing with the hot topic. Thus the pyrotechnical area is going to be the first priority of the show, and artists like fire-breathers are most wanted.
In order to find the best performers in the world, the band is once again addressing their fans, as Joe Hahn explained:

“There’ll be a contest announcement soon, where we’ll ask the fans to send us video tapes in which they perform their special talent. We’re looking for anything special, it doesn’t matter if it’s dancing, fire-breathing, aerial acrobatics, horse-back riding or spirit writing! Just upload your videos on YouTube and send the link via Twitter @m_shinoda. He will select and announce the winners in early June.”

So Linkin Park fans, now it’s on you to take the band to the next level! Well, not really. You’ve just been April fooled really bad, but maybe you’ll get your chance one day! 🙂

PS: I love this day!

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