Fan Review: Special “The Raid: Redemption” Screening for Linkin Park Underground With Mike Shinoda

by SincerelyxAnnie

March 21, 2011 I attended the screening of the movie which Mike Shinoda and Joe Trapanese scored on, “The Raid”. I was so nervous! Adam from LPUHQ had said that Mike was going to be there and I instantly got my tickets, ’cause I mean, come on! Mike Shinoda was going to be there! So I arrived with my brother-in-law, who’s a big fan as well, and gave the tickets to Adam. I’ll admit, he’s pretty cute hehe. I wasn’t sure if we had to show the LPU laminate to authenticate that we really are LPU members so I asked him if we needed to show it and took out my laminate. He said, ” No, that’s fine but now I know for sure.” Being the anxious, shy person I am, I blushed like crazy at that little interaction with Adam hehehe.
So then my brother sees that they’re filming us. I automatically think it’s Mark but I saw him again that night and it wasn’t him. So then my brother says, “Smile for the camera.” and I just laugh and look into the camera.
So after that we go inside where the seats are and completely miss the reserved seats. If I had known I would’ve sat right behind them but oh well. My brother-in-law and I end up sitting 4 rows down the front next to two girls that were pretty loud but nonetheless awesome for being LPUers haha.

The next 20-30 minutes we just waited until we looked back and saw Mike coming in and sitting on the reserved seats. Little did I know that Anna, Chester, Talinda, and Ryu were seated there. I just saw Mike and still wasn’t so sure I wasn’t looking into a computer screen, since that is the only way I see him obviously. About 2 minutes later the guy who asked him questions told us just that, that after the film he would be asking Mike some questions. Right after that, the movie started.
The first song I hear is Razors.Out and omg I got pumped! I don’t want to give away the movie so I’ll skip that. But I will admit that it was very bloody but entertaining as well. It had some funny parts in it too. So after it ended and the credits came on Suicide Music was heard. It was so catchy that I started singing along to the last part of the song, “Kill yourself, call me if you need some help.”

After that Mike came out and I couldn’t believe my eyes! He looked so flawless and beautiful! And his ears! Omg his ears are the cutest! Well anyway, basically he talked about the new album of LP coming out this year in the fall or somewhere along those lines. He also said that he would love to score other films as long as it fits between LP tours. After a few other questions he said goodbye and we all happily but yet sadly clapped.
After him leaving and us getting out of the seats, I and another few LPUers stayed for about 30 minutes longer to wait to see if he would come out and take pictures with us or something. It was awesome getting to meet Johanna, a fellow LPUer that I had been talking to through Twitter. We all (My brother-in-law, Johanna, her friend, and I) stayed there waiting for Mikey to come out through the front door. While waiting I saw Ryu. He was like 4 feet away from me! Well after getting a free poster of The Raid and waiting for Mikey and never seeing him again (:( ) my brother-in-law and I left. It was truly a nice experience and I will cherish it for life.

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