Human Hearts

Great post! My mom had a heart attack a while ago and I definitely know how it feels to have someone close to you being so sick. In my opinion, tests like those should be free for all, but unfortunately the people who decide this care more about politics and money! It’s not only about heart diseases but also other diseases like breast cancer, etc.
I hope Jonathan will save many lives with his foundation! Ironically his friend’s death apparently saved his! That’s how life works sometimes, I guess…:-(
Btw, the artwork is incredible!

Mike Shinoda's Blog

(Art by Antony Micallef)

Recently, our band’s business manager, Jonathan, shared a shocking story with us.  His childhood friend had passed away from a heart attack at the young age of 42.  At the funeral, Jonathan and his friends were talking about their mutual friend’s passing, and decided to all get their hearts checked.

Jonathan went to the doctor, who recommended a “CT Angiogram.”  It bears mentioning that Jonathan is, at a glance, a very healthy guy.  He’s arguably fitter than I am, eats better, and exercises more often.  He has a wife and beautiful children.  He had absolutely no reason to believe he had heart problems.  Jonathan was waiting for results in the doctor’s office.  The doctors came in, and were obviously not happy.

Jonathan was terrified.

They told him he had nearly 100% blockage in his heart.  If he didn’t get immediate attention, he would have likely been…

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