A Baby’s Artistic Intepretation of the 2012 Oscar Nominees

So awesome!


Everybody’s got an interpretation of the Oscar’s Best Picture nods. Why shouldn’t a baby get to chime in, too? A new Tumblr called “Don’t Call Me Oscar,” with the tagline “One child’s journey through the Best Picture nominees,” features a baby recreating scenes from all nine top-seeded films, save for Hugo (at least by the time this article was published). When necessary, stuffed animals stand in as supporting actors. Depictions of Black Swan and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have made their way onto the blog as well, but the Best Picture portrayals are, well, the best pictures.

Some of the photos, like the version of The Artist at right, make the films a lot more approachable, and could possibly alter the judge’s decisions. We’re hoping for a series of retrospectives that depict the Best Picture winners through history. We’re already envisioning a baby version of Scarlett O’Hara…

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