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Gathering Moss while Wandering

I’m no designer, but I love typography. My handwriting often evolves into different styles and I’ve always doodled words, the letters individual drawings based on the meaning of the word itself (I’m also fascinated by word origin and the evolution of a word’s meaning and use).

When I was in first grade, I was sent to a tutor during school hours to improve my fine motor skills. I didn’t cut straight, color in the lines or any of those other crafty things you’re supposed to be able to do when you’re 5 or 6. I also held my pencil “wrong.” They made me put one of those plastic triangles over my pencil to try and teach me how to use it properly. I would chew the angles off so I could hold the pencil however I liked. They did succeed in getting me to draw straight lines and color obediently…

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