Create Your Ultimate Linkin Park Setlist – Results

So this post goes out to all the Linkin Park fans out there! Everytime the guys tour, there are big discussions about the setlist. With this Poll you can help create the ultimate setlist!
I’ve tried to include as many songs as possible, but left out remixes (like Reanimation tracks) and demos. You can vote for those in the comment section if you want to be so specific.

Here are the results! I’ve included the Top 20 of the poll in the setlist:

1. Qwerty
2. With You
3. No Roads Left
4. A Place for my Head
5. Waiting for the End
6. In the End
7. Figure 09
8. Iridescent
9. From the Inside
10. Bleed it Out
11. Blackout
12. Wretches & Kings
13. Across the Line
14. Papercut
15. High Voltage
16. Faint
17. Numb
18. Given up
19. When they come for me
20. The Catalyst

For me it’s pretty surprising that “Qwerty” is your Number 1, as I was dead sure that “With You” would make it. I’m also surprised that songs like “Pushing me away”, “Points of Authority”, “My December”, “The Messenger”, or “Robot Boy” didn’t make the setlist, cause people keep asking for those on Twitter, on message boards, etc. Also noteworthy is, that “Across the Line” is the only LPU track that made the list & “High Voltage” the only Hybrid Theory EP track. I’ve expected a bit more than just those two.
Apparently “A Thousand Suns” is still going strong, with 6 songs of it voted into your setlist. I wonder which songs the guys cut, when the new album comes out in summer. I bet they will play new songs during their festival tour, even if they haven’t released the album at that point yet.

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